Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe #5 Review

Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe #5

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art Team: Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell, Wes Abbott
DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 28, 2018

By the Power of Darkseid ... I Have No Power! 

It's no secret that I for one have been enjoying Injustice Vs. MotU since the beginning and this penultimate issue is no exception. The main reason for all my excitement is that each issue I pick up and read results in whatever preconceived notions I have about the book being completely blown out the window.  Often there are just a few too many of the "Big 2" comics littering shelves that you can predict exactly where the book is headed from page one. It takes the suspense out of the title more times than not so this has been a breath of fresh air to my pull list.  With that being said lets get into this penultimate issue and see what twists and turns Tim Seeley and company have in store for us.

The issue begins by cleaning up the threads left hanging from all the developments thrown at us to close last issue. Superman looks to end a powerless He-Man's threat with squeeze of his hand, but as he starts getting the full gist of the story at play, mainly that Skeletor pulled the wool over his eyes, it begins to makes things very interesting. These revelations force a team up between these two uneasy alliances to take down the bigger threats at the moment, what they think is the Skeletor/Darkseid connection.

Little do our team of 'heroes' know the villains are also at each others throats. Skeletor, now with the power of Shazam, and a sword of his own, wastes no time taking the fight to Darkseid. If you know Skeletor's history at all there is one thing you can say about about the man and that's he's very consistent. Despite some bad intentions with his newfound power, he still isn't a match for Darkseid, and he's quickly struck down by the Anti-Life Equation obsessed villain.

All of this backstabbing and teaming up obviously leads to the all out fight on Eternia we were waiting for, built up over the last couple issue, complete with Superman in his old duds.  As the heroes bring the fight to the villains scattered everywhere, Darkseid does away with Skeletor once and for all, only stopped short of brainwashing the Skull-faced villain by none other than ... Injustice Superman?! 

There's even a few more surprises after that, so I'll stop just short of summarizing all the events in store here, so not spoil everything inside this month's book. However know it sets things up for an exciting finale, something I really look forward to seeing play out, and seeing if it will setup a story line after these events like the last series did as well.    

Overall, things weren't perfect here, with a few strange leaps in the pacing but nothing that threw off my enjoyment as a whole. The content each month found inside the pages of this book is more than enough that it remains something i very strongly recommend.  As I mentioned previously the surprises in each issue, that aren't totally telegraphed from the get go, keep me fully invested. While you will always get that feeling reading comics, that the hero will win the day in the end regardless of the odds, Tim Seeley does a great job of planting those seeds of doubt in your mind while reading, doing a great job keeping you on your toes.   

Couple all that with some great art by Freddie E. Williams and Jeremy Colwell again and this book remains a winner and one of the better efforts currently being put out at DC.  I just hope the sales and reception has been as positive as I have been on this title to see another mini-series down the pike sooner rather than later. 

Bits and Pieces

While not the best issue in the series so far the penultimate effort is still a very entertaining affair finally bringing all sides into the same confrontation.  Tim Seeley continues with the 'didn't see that coming' surprises, which coupled with Freddie Williams on art, keeps this series high on my recommendation list, and worthy of a trade purchase in the future. 


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