Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Terrifics #10 Review and **SPOILERS**

The Ties that Don’t Bind

Storytellers: Viktor Bogdanovic & Jeff Lemire 
Inks: Bogdanovic & Jonathan Glapion 
Colors: Michael Spicer 
Letters: Tom Napolitano 
Cover: Evan “Doc” Shaner 
Assistant Editor: Andrew Marino 
Editor: Paul Kaminski 
Group Editor: Marie Javins 
Cover Price: $2.99 
On Sale Date: November 28, 2018


Alright, so everyone is free of their stupid dimensions, the Terrifics aren’t beholden to each other due to Dark Energy…so what’s the big to-do now? That Java is secretly Doctor Dread? I’d just leave him be and keep it moving, if I were any member of the Terrifics. I mean, he’s hung up on Sapphire Stagg, and aside from Rex Mason, I don’t see why the others should care. Find out why in my review of The Terrifics #10, maybe!

Explain It!

Last issue and one Annual ago, we found out that Java the smartened Neanderthal is, in fact, Doctor Dread, and therefore he’s been behind all the mishegoss surrounding the Terrifics and Tom Strong and…wasn’t there an Element Dog or something? That li’l guy too. So now that he’s been discovered, what’s next? Why, a regular dust-up inside of Stagg Industries, which has Java flipping on his Doctor Dread costume but otherwise making the Terrifics look like chumps with his own innate acrobatics. 
Things get really bad when the fake Galactus from the Dark Multiverse, which brought the Terrifics together in the first place, busts into the place! This was explained during the Annual that came out a few weeks ago, so if you didn’t get that, tough noogies. He’s back together and wide awake, stomping around the surprisingly spacious Stagg Industries Headquarters, until the Terrifics get it together enough to shut him down. Mainly due to the efforts of Mr. Terrific and Tom Strong, but they all contributed. 
When the dust has settled, Java’s taken off, Plastic Man has vanished, and Rex is feeling like his pulpy flesh body isn’t the greatest contribution to the team. Only Phantom Girl is interested in staying together forever, which includes the reader. I wish I could say this is a team I love, and that their splitting up made me worried. But really, it would be a mercy killing at this point. This comic has had ten issues to make me care about something happening within, and it has failed. There were some cool scenes, but overall the story meandered around slowly and lost my interest in the process. This is an idea whose time has come––to be put back into the drawer.

Bits and Pieces:

Plenty of nice artwork surrounding the near total void of story. This series never found its footing, it's been this great-looking thing that has no substance to grab onto. Too bad, because the opportunities to make us care were evident.


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