Thursday, January 10, 2019

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: January 9, 2019

Blame It On the Boogie

Happy New Year! I didn't get to wish that for all of you until now, because DC Comics didn't provide their covers with last week's preview pages. Or, more literally, they sent only one cover per title and no preview pages at all! So it made doing this list difficult, and you know how I feel about doing things that are difficult. Anyway, I hope you have a Happy New Year from this point forward, and I hope that your New Year hasn't sucked to this point, but if it has honestly, it's not my fault. Blame DC, they messed up on the preview pages.

 Batman Kings of Fear #6
Kelley Jones
So once again, we have a very silly-looking but effective cover for this series. If I'd never read a comic in my life, and saw this staring at me from the shelves, I'd have to take a look. And then maybe I wouldn't buy it. But I'd take a look! This is why retailers always break your balls for reading comics in the store, if you find out what's inside them you'll never part with your hard-earned dollars.

 Harley Quinn #57 variant
Julian Totino Tedesco
Man, no disrespect to Frank Cho's variant covers on this series, but a lot of those are just great character studies. This here is a picture. Putting that pop of yellow right by her face is a neat trick to draw your eye, and the bloody star background fills in a lot of what would otherwise be distracting negative space. Nicely put together, this one!

 Young Justice #1 variant
Evan "Doc" Shaner
Gosh, I coulda guessed this swell picture was drawn by "Doc." She looks so darned friendly and pleasant, I almost forget what an awful person she was written as during the New 52. Almost. But none of that was Shaner's fault, and he's drawn a nice picture of Cassie Sandsmark that says, "Hey, check this comic book out. It's not too gross."

 The Green Lantern #3 variant
Jae Lee and June Chung
If I live to be a million, I will never like the way Jae Lee draws mens' faces. They all look like little boys. The composition and coloring of this cover, however, is striking. It implies not only an interesting team book, but conveys the "neighborhood police" tone of the comic within. I don't know if this cover would work on someone unfamiliar with the Green Lantern Corps, but I think it would probably make anyone do a double-take.

Deathstroke #39 variant
Dave Johnson
And here it is, a really nicely-composed comic book cover that might make someone want to take it off the rack. Heck, it makes me want to flip through the issue right now. The spotlight is reminiscent of the classic cover from Uncanny X-Men #141, but it's entirely different. The limited color palette drives home the urgency of this image.

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