Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Suicide Squad Black Files #3 Review and **SPOILERS**

In the Land of the Sword

Writers: Jai Nitz, Mike W. Barr 
Artists: Scott Eaton, Philippe Briones 
Inks: Wayne Faucher 
Colorists: Guy Major, Gabe Eltaeb 
Letterer: Dave Sharpe 
Cover Artist: Frazer Irving 
Group Editor: Jim Chadwick 
Editor: Harvey Richards 
Cover Price: $4.99 
On Sale Date: January 9, 2019


Hey! This comic! I feel the same way seeing this show up that I do bumping into an old friend whose name I’ve forgotten. “Hey, you!” I’m not mad to see it, I’d just forgotten about this series entirely. But now that it’s here, I remember that I named this THE BEST VALUE ON THE COMICS RACKS TODAY on the podcast wherein we covered the last issue. Do I still feel that way? Find out by reading my review of Suicide Squad Black #3, and then tell the world!

Explain It!

So the last issue began with the Katana story and finished with the Suicide Squad Black, but this one has reversed the order…I guess I’ll just cover them as presented. So last time we left Suicide Squad Black, they were in the Hell part of Gemworld, considering a deal brokered by Sebastian Faust: join him and become your best, most powerful selves, just before destroying magic totally, or die. Funnily, the team is more spooked by Amanda Waller than they are of Sebastian Faust’s kid, especially when they find out that he only wants to quash magic because his pregnant girlfriend has a magic flu and this would cure it. Eventually, Klarion hulks out and clobbers Sebastian into another dimension, and then it looks like the whole place caves in before Enchantress can teleport them out! 
In the Katana issue, she is still running around in the sword dimension, now being called the Fukumaden, with her husband’s soul. Before they pop out of a portal into the real world, where she can stop the Snake Queen’s plot against her team, they notice that the other, for some reason more zombified souls, are attending a meeting, convened by some monk in a cloak looking to escape the sword? Like, that can happen? Katana takes control of the souls with her Soultaker—since that’s what it does—and stops this rebellion, and eventually goes through the portal. Like after a day. By then, the whole Suicide Squad has been captured and the Snake Queen, in Katana’s body, is threatening the one that Katana’s soul has jumped into. And guess which that one was? 
This Katana story, it’s starting to read like something Neal Adams wrote. We learn new things about this realm of the Soultaker in each issue that makes it feel more and more improbable. Still, these goofy details make the story more fun, particularly since the Suicide Squad are just wallpaper to what’s going on. Halo played a special role in Kobra’s plans, but those details will come to be known soon, I expect. The Suicide Squad Black story was pretty thin, and Sebastian Faust’s reason for destroying magic—that his pregnant girlfriend was deathly ill with some magic-based virus he brought home—was dumb as hell, even though it put Sebastian in the place to make the sacrifice for his child that his dad, Felix, never made for him. Klarion turning into the Hulk was also silly, but I guess it’s better than him doing nothing. In the end, a couple of mediocre comics that are fun for their silliness, and therefore this is still THE BEST VALUE ON THE COMICS STANDS TODAY!!!

Bits and Pieces:

A couple of middle-of-the-road stories with some silly comics tropes, makes for a decently-passed hour. You're not likely to get this much entertainment at this cover price in most other books.


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