Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Batman #64 Review

Running on Empty

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Guillem March
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: February 6, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

It's time to start the Batman/Flash crossover and while it really does throw a wrench into the Nightmares arc going on in this book, I haven't really been digging it much so I don't care too much.  Plus, I do like it when Batman and Flash get to hang with each other.  So, does Joshua Williamson get the party off on the right foot?  Let's find out...

After a one page reminder to everyone that Wally West is dead (for now?), the issue opens with a cool ass Justice League scene with the gang fighting off...the Justice League of Amazo!  The action is pretty awesome and Guillem March's art is on point.  Unfortunately, this is the best part of the issue and things start going downhill with Batman "seeing things" from Heroes in Crisis.

Whether it's the guilt or fatigue that is getting to Bats, he keeps seeing things and people from the Sanctuary massacre and when the fight is over, he is out of there like nobodies business.  After a bit more HOC recap we head to Central City where the Flash Museum is suddenly under attack.

I just want to pause to ask everyone if they think it's odd that Wally is part of the newly built Flash Museum.  It would make sense in the future when and if Wally is alive and well again and... you know, does something.  Right now, in this continuity, he hasn't done much at all since returning for Rebirth to have a statue outside the Museum.  Maybe it's a Feng Shui thing and two statues are needed, but Avery over in China has done more than Wally at this point.  Just saying...

Luckily I have something else to talk about because this issue does not have a whole lot of shakin' going on.  Flash (reluctantly) teams up with Batman to save the innocents from the Flash Museum attack and then the shit hits the fan.  Barry is rightly still mad at Batman for what happened at Sanctuary and tells Bats that the lies and mysteries between them end here.  While this seems like a conversation that might have been had while working the Sanctuary case, it comes to a head here when Batman tells Barry why he knew to come to Central City BEFORE the attack.

It ties into the cliffhanger where we see a character from the beginning of Tom King's run is back in business and she has brought family with her.  It all felt very forced and was just thrown at the reader out of nowhere and then ends.  The cliffhanger was cool for longtime readers, but that's about it.

There is nothing to this issue.  A cold open fight with the Justice League of Amazo and a cool cliffhanger.  It's a sandwich with nothing in it and in the long run, two pieces of bread do not a sandwich make.  Joshua Williamson filled in here to give Tom King a solid while he works on TV stuff, but I wish he brought a story with him.  Maybe this was thrown together quickly to just fill space.  It certainly feels like it.

Guillem March's art makes up for it a tiny bit, but not enough.  The issue looks pretty good throughout and if I could ignore a certain girl whose character model looks way off, I would be able to say it looks great.  As it is, the art is just dressing up a whole lot of nothing, but at least it does so with style.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is recap and forced setup and not much more.  Guillem March does his job making it look good but the story is slim pickings and by the end, I can only guess this was thrown together to fill the gap while Tom King is away.  I have seen DC pushing this as something huge...someone better tell Joshua Williamson.



  1. Better written in any shape or form from what Tom King was cooking the whole time.

    1. You are right. I actually raised my score on the podcast after reading it a couple more times. Williamson didn't get a ton to work with and does do a pretty good job. Adjusted score 6.5/10