Thursday, February 7, 2019

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: February 6, 2019

Judge a Book By its Cover

Call me old-fashioned, but I think a comic book cover should 1) draw the eye, and 2) entice a potential reader with the contents of said issue. That's how I judge DC Comics' covers every week, and I often say as much in my copy. Trust me, I know you don't read it. You're not reading this, either. Anyway, here's two covers with awesome, pin-up worthy images that did not make my list because I don't think they satisfy my two criteria. But I'd take a poster of either!
Batman #64 variant
Sean Murphy

Harley Quinn #58 variant
Derrick Chew

 Young Justice #2 variant
Sanford Greene
Gosh, a picture like this just makes you feel good, huh? Never mind that I don't really know some of these people, and I don't know why others are here, they're all glad to be together, teaming up, and I'm glad for 'em. The perspective here is fairly-well spot on, with a little bit of fudging, and while this doesn't make me want to tear the book from the shelves, it is nice to see a group of heroes having a nice time.

 Green Arrow #49 variant
Francis Manapul
Buy this book...or else! Why do people show Ollie drawing bows from any angle except straight-on? It's clearly the best way. The yellow back- and foreground help ol' Green Arrow stand out, yet still appear concealed even though we are like eighteen inches from his nose. And here's Francis Manapul again showing that he has styles upon styles upon styles upon styles.

 Harley Quinn #58
Guillem March
This one is strictly for the fanboys, but it should tickle each one. Of course, this is an homage to that panel from The Dark Knight #3, with Batman and Carrie Kelley...well this one is close enough. Seeing a rippling Batman like this on the cover of a Harley Quinn comic might make a fan of the former pick it up, so it takes third place here.

 Deathstroke #40 variant
Dave Johnson
Incense and peppermint, bullets and blood...this "far out" Deathstroke variant could cause an aged hippie to have a bad flashback, but who cares? It looks like a hell of a lot of fun and  like there might be something equally psychedelic inside. This is kind of a paint-by-numbers homage to 1960s rock concert posters, but there's nothing wrong with that. I'd rather read this than listen to the Grateful Dead any day.

The Green Lantern #4
Liam Sharp
Now here's a cover that demands you attention. For one thing, it looks like some kind of red electro-shock bleeding thing is happening here. Upon closer inspection, it's some creepy bat-lady using laser vision on the Green Lantern. Upon even closer inspection is all this enticing cover copy that begs you to open the book and answer some burning questions. Not to mention subverting the expectation of something green in the logo--but that's more advanced marketing stuff, and you've already bought the issue anyway.

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