Thursday, February 14, 2019

DC Comics Covers of the Week: February 11, 2019

How Will I Know When it's Covers?

Covers, aww covers, covers. You are my sunshine, and you got me going now.

 The Flash #64
Chris Burnham
Here's a scene that could be pulled right out of a Crisis, but nope it's just a reg'lar old issue of the Flash. You can't mistake the Yin-Yang positioning of the Flash and Batman, as well as the shadow of the figure hovering above them adding some balance to the composition. That being said, it's a bit paint-by-numbers where comic book covers are concerned.

 Scooby Apocalypse #34 variant
Dan Mora
This crazy book does it again: they've done a cover that really makes me wonder just what the heck is going on with this series. I haven't looked at it since the first six issues, but this reeeaalllly makes me curious. Reeeaalll curious. Not curious enough to buy the book, but interested. Three or four more covers of this caliber, and I'm sure to read an issue.

 Red Hood Outlaw #31 variant
Matteo Scalera
Is this the new Azrael book? Is there a new Azrael book? I'd really be okay with a new Azrael book! No, it's our old buddy Jason, looking like Ragman, and hanging off a building in the rain. It's a typical Batman-esque pin-up, but Red Hood in that position throws a kink in your expectations. For instance, I expected this character to be Azrael.

 Justice League Dark #8
Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Raul Fernandez
This one requires a little inside baseball, since it's the members of Justice League Dark gooped together to form the helmet of Dr. Fate. But if you know about the helmet, what a cool image! Plus it's super yellow, so it's really eye-catching. I love when things combine to form another shape or image, and even though the coloring fudged the shape into position, I still think it's pretty rad.

Detective Comics #998 variant
Jae Lee
You wouldn't think this was a Jae Lee piece, because there's a background. But wait: in this digital age, he could have drawn the background at any time and slipped it in here. And when you strip it away, it's a perfect Jae Lee image. Soft, ethereal, and super well-composed. It's not symmetrical but it evokes a sense of symmetry. And Batman looks sexy as hell right here.

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