Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Superman #8 Review


Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Ivan Reis, Brandon Peterson, Joe Prado, Alex Sinclair, Josh Reed
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 13, 2019

Superboy, Jon Kent is back from his deep space jaunt with Jor-El....... The only problem..... He's aged seven years in that time and now we need to find out what the hell happened to him and if Jor-El is on the level as much as Superman hoped him to be when he originally took Jon away.  Somebody needs to start asking about that out of time and space dimension prison that he had when he went by Mr. Oz, but it seems like nobody wants to talk about that.  Let's jump into this issue and continue our recanting of Jon's seven year summer vacation and find out what's so crazy about Grandpa.  Let's check it out.

The weirdest thing happened to me while reading this issue.  I went into it wondering what the hell Jor-El could have done for Jon to say at the end of last issue that he's "crazy" and while reading this all I could think was........ Jon's just an asshole teenager because while yes, Jor-El can be considered a little "off", he really just comes off wanting to be all he can be for his Grandson, while thinking deeply about what the Universe has planned for them.  He's a bit of deep thinker and while yeah, it seems that Jor-El can hold a grudge pretty long or is just emotional about not living up to what Jon was expecting of him, he certainly doesn't come off crazy this issue.  

Now, I'd like to think that Jon is just exaggerating and that he is just kind of an asshole teenager in what he remembers "crazy" grandpa doing in the days after Lois left them behind because for what we get in this issue, if they're really trying to portray "crazy", I'm just not seeing it.  Overall though, there's not much to this issue besides for what we get at the end......... which is crazy as hell and leaves me wondering how the hell it's possible, but there are some moments of emotion out of Superman here that while I wish were presented a little better, did feel good for having him display them.  With that, I just wish that we got more out of Jon because I don't want to continue each issue just getting a little amount of flashbacks because that will take forever and will make this book boring because of it.  

All in all, the art in this issue is great and I love the cliffhanger......... I just need to have next issue in hand so I know how the hell it makes sense.  Yeah, that's vague, but we have exciting prospects ahead, I just hope that it isn't interrupted with Superman punching things because he's angry because while showing emotions in our heroes is good........ presenting them in a cliched way just doesn't make for good stories.  

Bits and Pieces:

While there are certainly some interesting things in this issue, especially a cliffhanger that gets me super excited if it makes sense next issue, there were a lot of things that seemed off here in how Jon Kent was presenting the story about what happened to him.  It just didn't ring true for what he was saying and maybe that's just me........ All in all though, I just want more than dribs and drabs when it comes to his story and that's pretty much what we get here.  Thankfully though, there was some fun to be had and some amazing art with it.


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  1. I really liked the 'Accident' talk that Jor-El has with Jon, or should say, started to have with Jon. I thought that was a nice connection that could have been touched on further, but Bendis decided to cut it short, which doesn't really seem like him.
    I do wish he would just stop having Lois go on about missing Jon, as it just reminds me about that huge flaw (1. Don't let Jon go at all. 2. If you were worried, stay with him after you decided to go along. 3. If you miss your family, why not tell Clark when you get back.) I'd be fine if they decided to just act like Lois didn't even go with him at this point.