Thursday, March 7, 2019

Chris and Reggie's Cosmic Treadmill ep. 131 - Dinosaurs Attack! #1 (2013)

Sore as a Dinosaur

Say hello to yesteryear, comic book enthusiasts! In this episode, time-travelers Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) take a trip to the Mesozoic Age...or was that the Devonian? They check in on some ancestors that never quite existed when they read Dinosaurs Attack! by Gary Gerani, Herb Trimpe, and Earl Norem, published by IDW in 2013! After the necessary biographical information, our saurian scientists dive into the 1988 Topps trading card set that birthed this comic book series, and look at why it began at one publisher almost thirty years ago, but concluded at IDW. After a reading of the issue and a brief intermission, these temporal physicists tell the rest of this bizarre and probably overly-complex story, and wrap it up with a history of trading cards--the gory edition. It's an episode steeped in viscera and pseudo-science, you don't want to miss it!

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