Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Doomsday Clock #9 Review

Tick, Tock, Tick...

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: March 6, 2019

How the hell can Geoff Johns top himself after the previous issue?  The world that was alluded to us in this future DC landscape came into perfect view in issue #8 and it captivated the hell out of me in not only achieving that, but also with the emotional dialog and amazing art that accompanied it.  The world has changed now.  Superheroes are on the outs with the people of Earth, but that's not going to stop our heroes from protecting them.  Let's jump into this issue and see if the momentum keeps building as the Doomsday Clock ticks down.  Let's check it out.

Subtlety for the most part is left behind for this issue and for all the build up we've had leading to it, it works for me and makes complete sense.  In the previous issue we had Superman, Firestorm and even Batman to a very lesser degree caught in an energy blast in Moscow that made superheroes public enemy number one with the idea that it was Firestorm that caused the complete and utter destruction.   Well, this pisses our heroes off and with the intelligence that what ever really caused it came from the planet Mars, we see some of DC's best and brightest on a trip to the red planet to confront its maker.  

The sheer scope that Geoff Johns creates here in showing the different ships and the heroes that make up their crew on this trip is why I love comics so much.  Before anything of any substance takes place in the book, the individual panels that are used to show the characters that will be facing off against Dr. Manhattan creates such an anticipation of dread that I was legitimately terrified for the heroes that I grew up reading because for everything that they've encountered in their long lives of retcons and continuity shifts, they've never come up against someone like Dr. Manhattan and when you add in the idea that something larger is taking place in the background around them, the universe and the timeline itself....... Hell, even us, it just makes the idea that the rest of the series is probably going to be delayed almost unbearable because you just need more of what you're getting here.

While there is a battle right up in your face in this issue that is amazing, you're also getting the idea of everything coming together in what we've been dealing with in the background of this series since its start.  We get information about the Supermen Theory, the idea that the timeline as we know it is wrong and what Dr. Manhattan is willing to do to prevent his own destruction......... even though I believe that last part is a ruse for the true villain at the end of the series.  I praised last issue for the emotion it brought with Superman and Firestorm and while you don't get that here exactly, you get emotion from the will of our heroes and the idea that everything that's been wrong lately is fixable and everything we've lost as fans can still be obtained.  Yeah, there's talk about Doomsday Clock not being the book that will come in and make everything right in the world, but after issues like the last one and this, it's hard not to be optimistic for what's to come from DC Comics.

Bits and Pieces:

With art that will blow you away, this installment of the Doomsday Clock lived up to the personal hype I had after last issue and Geoff Johns just keeps wowing me with the way that he plots and writes our heroes.  Everything feels big and even the smallest parts of this issue come off as important.  This is why I read comics.



  1. It must have taken me an hour to read this amazing issue! I wanted to take everything in and I still need at least another read to digest what happened. The little details are what make this a great read... Batman knows that it was (SPOILERS) who actually detonated the explosion with a Dr. Manhattan signature but he was knocked out by the explosion and couldn't warn the others in time. Well done guys but please do not make us wait a year for the next issue!!

  2. So unimpressed with this series. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, there. That's two issues in a row where nothing interesting happens. It's like Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, or other things lame like that. Competent artwork, for sure, everyone os standing around like an idiot.

  3. I'm so torn by this series still. Going in, I didn't want a Justice League/Watchmen brawl or a Dr. Manhattan vs everyone fight. How can you win without it being cheap or forced? But, Geoff Johns promised and has been delivering on a more cerebral moral fight with Dr. Manhattan. Our heroes and their world are being driven to hysterics by the knowledge that their strings are being pulled by a puppet master. We see everyone from the Green Lantern earth contingent all the way down to the Marvel family and Doom Patrol amped up and on Mars ready for a fight! And for good reason. Humanity is at a boiling point with no way to solve this problem. Every conspiracy theory is true, as we learn here that the government really was behind setting up superheroes and their traumatic origins. Like Eric says, the end result of this building conflict has to ripple across the DC Universe. We've got implications of the DEO (also featured in Action Comics recently), Lex Luthor lurking at Superman's bedside, and a certain Ozymandias loose in the background of the DC Universe. As much as we suspect Gary Frank is behind the delay of this series, I firmly believe still that these delays are an editorial mandate to prolong the final ripple effect from this series. Maybe I'm just delusional.

  4. Also, how great was it to see Manhattan reverse the magic on the heroes?