Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Suicide Squad Black Files #6 Review and **SPOILERS**

I Can’t Wait to Have a Sword of My Own

Writers: Mike W. Barr, Jai Nitz
Artists: Philippe Briones, Scott Eaton
Inks: Wayne Faucher
Colorists: Gabe Eltaeb, Guy Major
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist: Will Conrad with Eltaeb
Group Editor: Jim Chadwick
Editor: Harvey Richards
Cover Price: $4.99
On Sale Date: April 3, 2019


A mere six-hundred years after it began, this double-sized miniseries is finally over. Even though both books included have been pretty lame, I’ve been calling it “the best value on the stands today,” given the amount of money it costs and time it takes to absorb. Will this series conclude on a high note, value-wise? You’ll have to read my review of Suicide Squad Black Files #6 to find out!

Explain It!

While Kobra Kommander is preparing to steer that space station into the White House, he and Eve (who occupies Katana’s body) says that this body-switch isn’t the worst thing in the world. Meanwhile, Katana (who occupies Eve’s body) convinces the Suicide Squad of her true identity by socking Rick Flag in the face. So now that their identities are settled, Katana takes Eve hostage and leverages her, somehow, against the safety of the space station. Like, they’d just gotten over saying how the Freaky Friday of it all was no big deal, then that’s the fulcrum of the entire climax. Anyway, the Suicide Squad saves the day, Enchantress switches the bodies back clumsily, and Katana convinces them to keep Halo a secret from Waller. Considering the likelihood of this series ever coming back is close to nil, I don’t think it will be a problem.
In the second story, both Suicide Squads, Black and Regular, are teaming up on Felix Faust, when he turns Gentleman Ghost’s girlfriend into Wither, an avatar of the Rot or something. She begins sucking the life force from everyone, but Gentlemen Ghost does the honorable thing and kills her with one of his ghost guns. While the Red and the Green fight in the form of massive kaiju, Suicide Squad Black gets busy with their magic and really clean house, until they get to Faust who subjugates them all. Then Gentleman Ghost shows up and shoots him too. He claims to have no more skin in the game, but then Wither shows up again, alive but now with a skull for a face. This doesn’t bother Gentleman Ghost. Later, back at Belle Reve, there’s an implication that there will be future stories with this team, but frankly I’d salt the earth behind them and never look back if I were the publisher.
So this issue, and series, were kind of stupid. The Suicide Squad Black story was technically “better,” in that it moved at a better pace and unfolded with the correct beats one expects from a comic book. But it lacked any real cohesion, had too many characters, and much of Felix’s plan, as it were, was revealed in the last issue. The Katana story was stupid as hell, especially the depictions of the world inside her sword Soultaker, but it was arguably more entertaining. Artwork being mediocre but serviceable for this kind of book, I’m going to say that this entire series is a great value, and if they package the whole thing together in some kind of value-added trade, it might shut your teenager up for a whole afternoon!

Bits and Pieces:

Both stories come to reasonably satisfying conclusions, particularly the latter since we don’t get to know most of the characters. Though the tales are forgettable and a little formulaic, I am calling this series the best value on the comic stands today, and it could occupy the right kid for a whole car ride under the right conditions.


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