Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Supergirl #31 Review and *SPOILERS*

Playing Catch Up

Written By: Marc Andreyko
Art By: Kevin Maguire, Eduardo Pansica, Sean Parsons, Eber Ferreira, FCO Plascencia
Letters By: Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 12, 2019

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

I have been singing Supergril’s praises since Marc Andreyko took over the book and while the book hasn’t always been the best, it has been pretty good since Andreyko took over the book. Unfortunately, Andreyko’s run became incredibly rushed in the past few issues due to a crossover that is happening with the Superman book. However, let’s not rush to conclusions about this upcoming story just yet. While it may have interrupted the story we had previously (which I was thoroughly enjoying) it doesn’t mean that we won’t enjoy the new story. So before we render judgement on this book, let’s jump into this new issue and see where it takes us.

We pick up where we left off with Kara having just arrived after being taken across the stars by Zaar’s axe. She finds herself face to face with her family, Superman and Jon are there and Jon looks quite a bit older. Even Krypto is suspicious of this new kryptonian but after getting a sniff of his hand, Krypto jumps on him and welcomes him with some face licking. Naturally, Kara freaks out but Superman is able to catch her up pretty fast with a TL:DR of the events taking place in the Superman book. They are in the middle of a three-party war which involves Zod, Jax-ur, and our old friend Rogol Zaar. Kara immediately calls dibs on taking out Zaar. Superman tries to calm her and tells her that racing off will only make things worse but Kara assures him that she is the one in control now and she races her asteroid toward the ship Zaar is on.

Kara’s asteroid tears through the ship and we see Zaar furious that he is being attacked by his own weapon. Grunts pour out of the hole only to be met with the Kryptonians. After just a moment, Supergirl and Zaar spot each other and their fight begins. In the vacuum of space, they fight a silent battle and Supergirl begins with the upper hand, wielding Zaar’s axe against him. Meanwhile, we still see Gandelo floating in space after her defeat. Her people transport her back on board her ship. When we return to the battle, Zaar has been pushed away long enough for Supergirl to aid Superman in taking care of their other enemies. However, it is not long before Zaar is back on the attack. Howevver, this time Zaar is able to grab a hold of his axe. He tries to take it back but Supergirl is saved by an assist from Krypto and Jon. The axe reverts to its small form and begins to race toward Zaar as he calls to it. However, it is stopped by Kara who then teams up with her family to blast Rogol Zaar with their heat vision. The battle is over.

After the battle is over, Kara and her family meet up and Kara informs Superman about all the things she has learned in her journey. Afterwards we get some nice moments between Supergirl and Jon as Jon wants to find Gandelo and make sure she can’t hurt them anymore but Supergirl calms him down. They decide that they must all work together and so, Superman uses his new suit to teleport them to the next battle. We cut to Gandelo who has been revived. She has decided to declare open war on the Kryptonians. However, before she is able to make her move, Supergirl and her family bust in and make a move of their own. This is where the issue leaves us.

This issue is somewhere in the middle for me. I’ve been a big fan of this book up to this point and while the book has had issues, it hasn’t really hindered my enjoyment of it. So I’m confused because this book was not at the same level for me. I don’t know if it’s because I was enjoying the previous storyline so much or if it’s because we were kind of thrown into a crossover with the Superman book out of nowhere. I think that’s the issue because most of this issue is just quick TL:DRs about what’s been happening with other books. There’s a scene where Superman has to explain what happened with him and then later in the book Supergirl does the same thing. It’s very odd. But the art is great and the fight was very entertaining. Hard to be too disappointed with that.

Bits and Pieces

This book struggles with catching up readers of both book on the events of others and it hinders the quality that this book usually has. That being said, there is still some amazing art and the fight in this book is a really entertaining read. Is this book up to usual Supergirl quality? Absolutely not. Is it bad? No.


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