Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wonder Woman #72 Review


Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Art: Jesus Merino, Tom Derenick, Scott Hanna, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Pat Brosseau 
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 12th, 2019

Laser pointers from the Gods, a Mega-sized Minotaur, and new dimensions with Greek letters all in this week’s WONDER WOMAN #72 by G. Willow Wilson. Let’s jump into this issue...


Wonder Woman, Maggie, and Toto (the sword) fight the oversized man-beast Colossus and narrowly manage victory after Toto blocks one of the goliath’s attacks knocking him into a mountain. However, that takedown resulted in the entire realm shattering, breaking apart, and causing Maggie to fall to her doom! Wonder Woman quickly flies to the rescue BUT she can only save Maggie leaving the sword to fall and perish forever. NOT SO FAST!!! Atlantiades flies in at the last second, saves the sword, and the 3 ladies battle creepy slime monsters until the sun comes up. Our heroes find themselves in Dimension Chi, which Wondy says she barely escaped before!

Wilson’s issue just simply fell flat for this reviewer. As a comic fan, I want to experience some type of emotion or to be taken away to another realm where I can forget about this world's problems. If the comic can’t do that, then maybe it can draw readers in by another means? For example, maybe the comic could have fans question their stance on an issue or generate healthy discussion and conversation? Last but not least, if none of the above were hit, then maybe the writer leaves fans with some type of epic cliffhanger so they come back for more? With that said, this reviewer left the issue with no emotional attachment and no desire for continuing with the story. There just appears to be nothing happening right now and I’m starting to think Wilson will never get them to Themyscira. The characters seem lost but so is this reviewer. What is the direction Wilson is taking Wonder Woman fans and when will they get there?

After diving into the story and following every issue in this arc, this comic fan was searching for continued plot threads to be referenced or answers to be given. However, all I noticed was ideas being forgotten, left out, and not discussed or elaborated on. For example, the sword name wasn’t referenced at all. Maggie made a point last issue to call the sword “Toto” yet she doesn’t reconnect the dots. Why did she bother wasting our time with that plot thread or connection? In addition, this issue was basically referred to as “Round 2” but nothing happened with the giant Minotaur. Round 2 was short, sweet, and wrapped up in just a few pages. What was the point? They spend more time fighting the slime monsters. Colossus the Minotaur was simply another wasted, pointless, and disappointing cliffhanger. 

What experience does Maggie have with a sword because she seems to be using it a little too well? And, why would Wonder Woman just let her fight with no experience? Maggie pulls her Scrappy Doo impression saying “Let me at um! Let me at um!” and Wonder Woman just does it. This character Maggie is belittling what Wonder Woman is capable of as well as Atlantiades. Maggie can fight just as good as Goddesses from Themyscira. Really? That makes no sense to this reviewer and is rather degrading! 

Even if it’s the sword that is giving her the abilities, Wilson must do a better job of explaining in someway it’s capabilities and with more detail. If the sword also grants the user some type of “learned fighting skill or ability”, readers need to know that. What are the dang rules with Toto? Again, if you look at Maggie’s facial expressions, everything she does comes off as shocked, surprised, and a little too wet under the ears to be able to take down a giant Minotaur as well as hundreds of slime creatures. Gimme a break.

In addition, I get the idea that the sword glows when it’s in closer proximity to its rightful owner. However, the owner of the sword better be someone readers know because Wilson was really ramping up that idea throughout this entire issue. However, will it just be placed to the side like other plot threads throughout the story or will we actually find out who the owner is and care? 

Maggie and Wonder Woman find another Goddess, who got to Earth through a dark tunnel, fight a Minotaur, and now are in a new Dimension, which is not Themyscira. It’s just more thrown on top of more, which is thrown on top of more. Furthermore, Wilson has spent so much time talking about the sword, getting the sword, and naming the sword that it’s a crux of her entire run. This reviewer hopes it’s not a forgotten angle and plot thread as the story progresses AND that they get to Themyscira soon.

The issue was a very quick read but overall not very interesting. I had expectations for an epic battle with Colossus but all we got was a swing of a sword by an average person with no fighting skills or prowess before he was defeated. The plot holes with the character of Maggie, as well as Atlantiades, who this reviewer doesn’t understand why they even came back to help in the first place, are too glaring and took this comic fan out of the story.  

The cliffhanger was Dimension Chi... what the poop is that? I looked online and found nothing called Dimension Chi. As a comic fan, this doesn’t mean that Dimension Chi doesn’t exist BUT ending an issue with a cliffhanger that’s unexplained, possibly new, and ultimately uneventfully confusing doesn’t really drive new or old readers to want to continue to read this series. 

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is easy to follow and definitely paced very well, however, there appears to be no gravity to any situation. The battles don’t seem important and I never felt like any of the characters were in jeopardy, which alleviates the importance of the story. I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever find Themyscira, but at this point, I am caring less and less if they do. Something crazy needs to happen soon or else an epic plot twist that shakes the run to its core. Otherwise, it may be time to bow out.



  1. That's pretty much how I feel about this run, I agree with every bit of this review

  2. I think "dimension chi" was originally called "dimension x" there are search results that come up for dimension x appearing 1 time in wonder woman vol1 100 iirc. Also the greek letter chi looks like x