Sunday, July 21, 2019

Planet of the Nerds #4 Review

Writer: Paul Constant
Art: Randy Elliott, Alan Robinson, Felipe Sobreiro, and Rob Steen 
Publisher: AHOY COMICS
Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 24th, 2019
Feeling like misfits in 2019, the thawed-out jocks from the '80s hatch a plan for revenge on the rich and powerful nerd who froze them in this week’s all-new PLANET OF THE NERDS #4 by Paul Constant. Let’s dive into the issue and see how their plan unfolds!


This series isn’t about explosions, action, superheroes, and world domination. PLANET OF THE NERDS is meant as a humorous satire on our current society and how it’s changed so much in the past 30 plus years. Paul Constant uses this specific issue to truly hammer home the point and perspective of the changes that happened since the boys disappeared and show the role reversal these jocks have taken. In all actuality, the title of the series really makes its way to the surface in this issue. 
This reviewer enjoyed the trip down memory lane but also became enamored with the way Constant continually pointed out the drastic societal changes. When the story opens, the boys think that the Nazi’s are back, cops look like Space Soldiers, and somehow Donald Trump is President. Constant comedically points out the severity within both cultures to drive home the focus that society naturally progresses. At one point, superheroes were thought of as nerdy and now everyone pays money to see the movies in theaters. Additionally, Jenny points out that Steve is gay, which he never would have confessed 30 years ago. Now, readers discover that even Steve’s old Principal Mr. Tobler organized Pasadena’s first Pride Parade. 

Constant’s goal is to cleverly point out the changes in a natural way to invite readers to remember how things were before but also to get fans to see that change is healthy. However, even though progress is beneficial, change can also be scary. Constant shows readers how truly frightening change can be as Jenny watches the Twin Towers fall on TV right before her big move to New York City. 
Change can literally rock your world. At times, progress can be overpowering and daunting. However, John Maxwell once said “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” This appears to be Constant’s theme throughout the issue and he’s showing this very statement through these time-traveling boys. For example, Chad has shown readers every issue about how “optional” growth can be through is ignorant comments, crude actions, and his stupid fights. This reviewer hopes Chad can finally see the error in his ways before the series ends. However, Alvin now has the boys trapped. Will they ever get home? This reviewer doesn’t think so... but we shall see.


PLANET OF THE NERDS #4 is an extremely fun read that’s easy to understand. Constant guides readers through the issue with purpose while humorously showing character development along the way. If you’re looking for something a bit different than your normal superhero battle, this comic is for you. If you haven’t already, give PLANET OF THE NERDS a look. This reviewer thinks you’ll enjoy the 80’s jokes, the hilarious transformations since the boys were frozen, and the fact that time itself has literally changed societies mantras. 

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