Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wonder Woman #75 Review

The Holy Grail

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Art: Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Vicente Cifuentes, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 24th, 2019

At last, after years of exile: Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira in this week’s all-new WONDER WOMAN #75 by G. Willow Wilson. But in the wake of Ares' escape from his prison, the island is no longer the paradise she remembers. Who among the Amazons could possibly change the course of history? Let’s take a look and find out!


Readers FINALLY get what they’ve wanted for so long; Diana reunited with Themyscira again. After Greg Rucka’s run basically showed fans that our Amazon Princess has been removed from the island for almost 50 years, Diana’s journey finally came to an end with this oversized (dare I say Anniversary) issue. Fans get the touching moment with mother and daughter reconnecting as well as the quick defeat of Darkseid’s daughter Grail. 

My problem with the story isn’t so much with the issue itself but with the entire story arc leading up to this point. Why wasn’t more focus on an actual battle? Grail seemed easily defeated. Couldn’t we have had more issues leading up to a victory? Additionally, many new readers jumping in will be confused as to what is going on without any recap. 
For example, G. Willow Wilson could have told readers through conversation what happened to Themyscira. Furthermore, Wilson could have conveyed more details about Grail to the readers who knew little about her. I was a bit confused at times and had to double-check what was going on throughout old issues as well as prior runs... and I’ve been reviewing WONDER WOMAN throughout most of Wilson’s run!

Another problem with the story was the creation of Dimension Chi. What was the purpose? In the end, it seemed as though it was only used as a gateway to get to Themyscira. But otherwise, why was it needed? Diana could have simply fought the Minotaur and traveled directly there without the Dimension needed.  Two issues were focused on Dimension Chi to solely use it as a portal to Themyscira. Why? Again, those issues could have focused more on the actual battle with Grail instead of the rush job readers get this issue. 

Furthermore, too many of the main characters didn’t appear to be represented correctly. Hippolyta was portrayed as so weak and cowardly when she’s supposed to be a warrior Queen. Hippolyta seemed more like a scared little girl. Moreover, Grail seemed powerless against Wonder Woman. Diana manhandles her, pushes Grail around, and easily defeats her. How can the daughter of an Amazon and Darkseid succumb so easily? Diana tossed her around like a bag of groceries. Come on now! Has Wilson read anything about
Grail before?

Ultimately, here’s what I think: issue 75 was always supposed to be big, extended, and somewhat of an “anniversary”. Therefore, editorial mapped out the big return to Themyscira. However, pacing, direction, and story weren’t adding up so the creative team rushed these past two issues together to get to the fireworks factory. Well, readers, we arrived but with a little battle, characters poorly portrayed, and a chokehold in a cave connecting the Queen and Princess for a touching reunion. I'm sorry, but something just seemed to be off with this entire issue and conclusively the run.

Bits and Pieces:

Overall, the art was phenomenal (like always in this book) while the issue itself was well-paced. However, the comic wrapped everything up too cleanly and devalued every other issue prior to making the journey seem even less significant. The key players picked up along the way barely did anything at all and the evil villain behind it all was basically one-punched to victory. After 50 years of being away from Themyscira, this reviewer just expected a more epic journey as well as a more epic battle to bring our princess home.



  1. Thanks for the review. Sadly, I half expected as much for this to happen since the Wonder Woman series since DC Rebirth has been on the slow side. Concerning the current story, it seems like everything was jumbled together just to get to the finish line as you said. And making Grail the villain? I wasn’t a fan of her in Darkseid War but nothing afterwards has changed mind about her, including this story.

  2. Plus, and this is the same person as before speaking, spending two issues on that extra dimension? Could’ve been a place in Tartarus or something, that truly puts Wonder Woman through her paces. Or go with an old Wonder Woman super villain - the Duke of Deception who’s behind it. He’s an old school Wonder Woman villain who’s a servant of Ares, so there’s history between them, or there should be. And he showed up in that series “The Legend of Wonder Woman” and he was cool there and he hasn’t shown up since.