Monday, August 19, 2019


Writer: Stuart Moore
Art: Shawn Crystal, Alberto Ponticelli, Giulia Brusco, Rob Steen, and Lee Loughridge
Publisher: AHOY Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 21, 2019

AHOY's grindhouse sensation puts the pedal to the metal and speeds toward a shocking climax in this week’s all-new BRONZE AGE BOOGIE #5 by Stuart Moore. Barbarians vs. Martians! Father vs. son! Ape vs. certain death! Let’s jump into the issue to find out more!


If you’re looking for something filled with action, originality, and uniqueness, while being pretty $&@$ing crazy, then BRONZE AGE BOOGIE may be the bitter, hoppy-tasting, India Pale Ale you’ve been searching your local distributor for. No, this boogie isn’t from DC or Marvel but this reviewer would argue that’s what gives this comic that special “je ne sais quoi”. Stuart Moore isn’t bound by lore, history, or fans who want to argue that an apple fritter isn’t a donut (it’s a donut people). Moore can dive into the deep end without his floaties and really let loose, which he does in spades throughout the entire issue.

Fans of time travel, aliens, Barbarians, bell bottoms, karate, and talking apes will fall madly in love with Moore’s sensationally exciting narrative. Readers find out that Li’s estranged father is somehow working with the Martians across time AND that this war between Wizards and Martians has been waged for eons! Not ogres or trolls... MARTIANS!!  Meanwhile, Brita and Lynda try to destroy the Summoner, which is this large jewel used to trap GODD (a being of power from another dimension). GODD wants Brita and her friends to destroy the Summoner, which will release him AND stop the Martians from coming to Earth. However, readers will have to buy the issue to find out whether or not they succeeded.

Now after reading the entire story to this point, this reviewer will admit that the issue wasn’t as good as the prior four. This week’s story felt more like an information overload to catch up with the flow of the story. This reviewer would have rather seen a more gradual release of information throughout the prior issues to help alleviate the build-up in this week’s narrative. That said, the action was intense and viciously amplified by Alberto Ponticelli’s outrageously involved fight scenes and panel progressions. Readers will love how the main characters are literally kicked from one panel to the other. Additionally, fans will personally feel each gut punch, uppercut, and groin kick that Ponticelli orchestrates on every page. It’s so hard to miss how well Moore and Ponticelli work together, especially as the story continues to unfold and develop.


People looking for something new, different, and inventive, will have such a great time with this series. Moore has full reign to be as creative and fun as he wants without limitations while Ponticelli’s art grabs the reader and throws them into each epic battle. Furthermore, Stuart Moore offers a little something for all types of comic fans to boogie down too. Readers will leave this issue excited for the finale and interested in the future of the series. Head to your local shop and pick this one up!


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