Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Catwoman #14 Review

Writer: V. Ram
Artist: Mirka Andolfo, Arif Prianto, Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 14, 2019

Ram V is back for some more Catwoman action and that's always a good thing, because this run is already getting a bit stale.  There is never much forward momentum and the Creel Family as the Big Bads feels like old hat already.  That's not a problem this month, though, as Ram and Mirka are in the house and ready to kick ass!

The issue starts with a flash-forward, a really bad pun, awesome art, and an intriguing proposition.  It really feels like a modern tweest to the "a dame walked into my office" bit and I liked it!  Because of that, I am not trusting nobody no how...and that's the fun of it all as well!

The hard-boiled noir vibe continues and then we are thrown into the deep end of Catwoman's caper.  Gunfire, blood, explosions...just a day in the life in Villa Hermosa I suppose, but by the time Catwoman was confronted by a very familiar (and dead) person, I will admit, I was a little bit confused.  I realize that death is a mere inconvenience in comics, but if this is really who it appears to be, I would have hoped that he would have returned in a book that had a little more Damian Wayne in it.  If you get my drift, I'm sure you'd agree.

I'll leave that behind, though, and carry on as we get a chase that ends with the bad guy getting away, but Catwoman being the smarted gal in the room as per the usual!  That is until she isn't and that's when I started smiling big time.

It all wraps back to the beginning and we get one of my favorite characters showing up.  We find out that Catwoman has a big target on her back and that some real heavy hitters are looking to make the score.  The issue ends with Catwoman looking to even the score, but we'll have to see if that's a good move or not.

I am a little sick of the jumping around time that this book seems to always stick with to tell a story, but overall, I had a good enough time with the book this month.  Yea, the middle section just kind of happens to introduce the first bad guy, but after the next guest star showed up, my interest was officially piqued.  I loved Mirka Andolfo's art (as usual) and while the story didn't get past it's own surface level (yet?), I had some fun with it and I'm hoping for the same, if not more, next month.  Plus, I'd take this over the Creel stuff any day!

Bits and Pieces:

V Ram has shown up again and he's brought some cool guest stars with him.  The art is great and by the end, you realize that it's all about hunting the most dangerous animal...(Catwo)man!  This is the type of issue this book needs more of.


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