Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Detective Comics #1009 Review

Bring a change of clothes

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artists: Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 14th, 2019

Review by Joey Casco of

So Batman is going around stopping all sorts of crimes. He's leaving signs with the criminals like "Tried mugging a fellow citizen. I will confess." and "Tried robbing a bus of senior citizens. We will confess." And all this while Alfred is trying to convince him to go home and get some rest for a big day at Wayne Enterprises in the morning. Eventually, Bruce gets home, out of his suit, and he's greeted happily by his dog Ace who even helps him close the curtains in his bedroom by tugging on them with an "rrff". But it's already 6:05am and by 6:07am Alfred is opening up the curtains and telling him to get his butt out of bed.

Somewhere else where it's still dark, Deadshot meets with a mysterious employer for his next assassination assignment. That employer also wants all loose ends tied up so Deadshot kills the messenger, which he has no problem doing because the guy was being an ass.

Then most of the issue is Wayne Enterprises business stuff. Lucius presents a plan for minimizing carbon footprint and pollution, Bruce says Lucius is boring but they're doing it anyway, and then instructs him to call up a bunch of CEO's so they can all take the same flight pool to Singapore for a conference instead of taking separate flights. Alfred, of course, packs Bruce a "change of clothes", AKA the Batsuit.

Deadshot disguises himself as the copilot and hijacks the flight, but lightning conveniently strikes the plane before he can accomplish his mission. Bruce uses those sexy muscles of his to grab everybody and strap them in so they don't get sucked out of the plane, and they crash land on some random tropical island.

Here's the thing: When the plane takes off in Gotham we see a thunderstorm. That island they crash on is clearly in the Pacific, and we all know Gotham is on the east coast. 

Sooooo that initial threat of lightning we're shown is thousands of miles away from the storm that actually took them down. But also, a flight from Boston to LA takes a little bit more than  six hours, so patient-ass Deadshot was playing it really cool as the copilot for quite some time before he sprung into action and they were close to their destination. That dude doesn't play.

The last few pages show Mr. Freeze possibly finally bringing his beloved Nora back to life.

Bits and Pieces:

You know what this reminded me of? 1980's Batman. We saw a lot of Bruce doing actual work for Wayne Enterprises back then and we see it here too, as most of the issue is just that. Also, we have a villain like Deadshot with no explanation of why he's out of Belle Reve or exactly what he's been hired for. He's just a dangerous man on a mission. And lightning striking a plane at precisely the right moment in complete coincidence? Yup! This is a Detective Comics issue that I could have read when I was a kid; only with much better art.  Cool. And Ace helping out in any way possible is always a bonus.


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