Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Batman Universe #2 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Nick Derington, Dave Stewart, and Josh Reed
Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 14, 2019

The quest for the secret of the stolen FabergĂ© egg and its buyer continues as Batman teams up with Green Arrow against the Riddler in this week’s all-new Batman Universe #2 by Brian Michael Bendis. But is the egg's strange energy adversely affecting the Dark Knight's mind? Let’s jump into this issue and find out!


How many long-time DC Comic readers have missed Batman as a true detective? How many DC Comic readers have been interested in seeing “The World’s Greatest Detective” try to solve an actual case? Better yet; how man DC Comic readers have been sick and tired of everything Batman has been up to for the past three-plus years? Well, if you have, it seems like Brian Michael Bendis is bringing the Batman back to his roots. 

Bendis’ Batman attempts to solve crimes, use his intelligence, wins fights, has strategies, and has his own style of stale Bat-humor sprinkled into his conversations with Alfred and the supporting cast. Additionally, Bendis gives readers small, minor cameos from some of Batman’s Justice League friends while taking fans across the DCU to the likes of Gorilla City searching for answers to a mystery. Readers, THIS IS BATMAN!!!!

Many comic fans have their preconceived misconceptions of Bendis, his personal style, and feel like his hand “may” be in too many cookie jars at one time. Whether that argument is true or not, this reviewer is here to tell you that Bendis’ Batman is THEE Batman fans have been waiting half a decade to see again. This isn’t the God-Bat that takes down Darkseid, opens multiverses with metal, creates Detective Squads, proposes during pillow talk, fights Kaiju Monsters, literally loses every fight, and slaps his Robins. Honestly, think of the last time Batman solved an average mystery, used his technology, his bits of intelligence, and expertise to save the day. Beats me. Think of the last time a Bat-case wasn’t world-ending, Dark, perverted, distorted, demented, multiversal, or emotionally charged because this reviewer couldn’t tell you.

Bendis is bringing Batman back to the basics and Nick Derington is also a huge part of that vibe. The art feels more classic, bright, and fun. At times, this reviewer feels like this Batman is from the old Brave and the Bold TV show. Furthermore, Derington’s art is visible. Now,I understand the confusion in that statement but hear me out. Often times, artists make a Batman comic dark and gloomy. Sometimes, it’s so dark that readers can barely see what’s happening in the comic. Derington has done the opposite and I adore it. Dave Stewart’s color choices add a fresh and pleasant look that really excite this reviewer locking me into the issue. Additionally, Derington’s close up panels on the characters faces are thoroughly detailed while his carefully elaborate depiction of each gorilla is truly amazing. Together with Bendis’ writing, this creative team is spot on.

Bits and Pieces:

Readers, this IS Batman. Bendis gets the average/ above average human crime fighter. If you’re listening DC, how about moving Bendis to BATMAN after issue 85? Just a thought. Readers, if you love old school Batman, crime-fighting Batman, and a Batman prepared for anything, this is your book. Pick this classic-vibe Batman issue up and lock in on this series! I am genuinely excited about next months adventure.



  1. So many good jokes, a very interesting story with some twists and good character writing. Except batman is a bit to jokey, but i can accept that, because it´s written in an oldish style. I still don´t like Bendis´writing that much, but I get your point, that Bendis is a better Batman-Writer than Tom King. Still, i don´t want to change poo to pie...

    1. What up Nils?!? I like this as well, even if Bendis tries to be a bit too clever and jokey. He really wants to push that joke with people thinking batman is talking to them when he is on his comm