Monday, August 26, 2019


Writer: Paul Constant
Art: Randy Elliott, Alan Robinson, Felipe Sobreiro, and Rob Steen 
Publisher: AHOY COMICS
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 28th, 2019

The thawed-out jocks from the ’80s fall into Alvin the nerd’s clutches as he prepares to destroy innocent lives in this week’s all-new PLANET OF THE NERDS #5 by Paul Constant. Let’s take the plunge into this finale and see how the story wraps up!


The true genius behind this series has been how interesting Paul Constant has made this series by NOT involving superheroes, aliens, sorcerers, or the pageantry of some intergalactic novella. Constant’s story was simple with each issue involving bits of humor and morality. Adding to Constants comedic tall tale, Alan Robinson’s art portrayed a classic “Archie Comics” vibe that, dare I say, shared glimpses of Dan DeCarlo’s take on prototypical teenagers with a new-age spin. Together, Constant and Robinson told an exemplary story that actually shows a bully winning in the end while exploring humanities moral compass in the process.

Who would have expected Chad to be the hero? Sure, there were signs that the character may change throughout the series. However, even during this issue, Chad still appeared crude, rude, and ignorant. Readers were able to see Alvin as the true villain across each backstory told along the way. That said,  fans of the series really didn’t get to see Alvin’s true colors until the bribery, willingness to freeze the sick and elderly without a way to wake them, and a back issue within this story that showed the true lengths he would go in order to be successful. This reviewer left wondering how a boy like Alvin could get so corrupt. At some point, Chad’s bullying can’t be the only excuse for his malicious actions.

As the series began, Chad and his friends seemed to be the jocks that deserved everything that happened to them, except maybe Steve. However, as the series unfolded, readers were introduced into the life of each character and got to meet them on a more personal level, including Alvin. Constant did a fantastic job switching the roles of the protagonists and eventually showing the boys making the right decision in the end. 

If readers take anything from this issue, as well as the series, this reviewer hopes that fans see the importance of acceptance, nurture of one’s character, and the ability to change when given the opportunity. Everybody has problems, traumatic issues, or polarizing backstories that make them who they are. The point of those moments is to see how they transform us for the better and to see the type of person that comes out the other side.


Constant gives fans a comic different than the usual action-adventure graphic novel or Superhero Smash and Bash epic. Paul Constant provides fans with a meta-look at the world at large today, as well as the human condition, and shows readers how society has changed with a bit of humor sprinkled throughout like a great seasoning. Whether it be societies take on politics or even geek culture, Constant takes the time to hit on the evolution of our civilization in only 30 years and does so in such an entertainingly enjoyable way. As this series wraps up, it's understandable that many won’t head out to buy the last issue of a series that’s ending. However, this reviewer hopes readers will at least hit the stores for the trade paperback’s release on October 29th, 2019. 


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