Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Detective Comics #1010 Review

Bad news, psycho...

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 28th, 2019

Review by Joey Casco of

In the last issue a plane carrying a bunch of bigwig CEO's and Bruce Wayne was hijacked by Deadshot, only to be taken down by a lightning strike and crash landing on an island somewhere in the Pacific.

Now, Bruce is found on the island by two World War II pilots who have been trapped on the island for seventy-five years (and their clothes seem in pretty good condition for being worn for seventy-five years). Hiroshi is Japanese and Clarence is American. They shot each other down, crashed onto the island, and became friends. They switch off on days for speaking Japanese or American, and since they're both baseball fans it appears that they've named different parts of the island after baseball parks. They found Bruce in Fenway, and they patch him up and take care of him while he tells them about World Series results and they tell him his story.

Deadshot has collected the survivors and keeping them captive while still trying to find Bruce Wayne. It turns out that he was not hired to be an assassin for this mission but was hired to kidnap all these powerful people at once. I mean, that's a biiiiig ransom. One woman tries to be brave and yells that she's not scared of him, so he shoots a big ass hole in the plane right next to her head.

Then he's attacked by a friggin' panther, and he reacts the same way anybody would by screaming "WHAT THE HELL?!" The panther is able to pounce on him, scratch his face, and scare the poop out of the hostages, but Deadshot shoots him in the side and he runs away... right to his friends Hiroshi and Clarence. They have good relations with the animals on the island and they even name them, and this panther's name is Tanaka. It's not clear if Tanaka dies or not, but Bruce is pissed and asks the two if he can borrow some stuff.

I love the scene where Deadshot is mocking the hostages; saying that they can live off of a thimble of water a day and will have to eat each other if they're hungry. And then he laughs and shoots into the woods without looking at the same time. He thinks he had hit a monkey for them to eat but it was really... Batman! And he missed! The look on Deadshot's face when he hears "Bad news, psycho..." from up in a tree is great.

Bruce had borrowed one of his buddy's coats, and borrowed one of their pilot helmets and taken the time to sew on bat ears! LOL! I mean, I get it, it's a Batman book and you need some Batman, but that is hysterical! Even with bat ears, Deadshot doesn't make the connection that he's fighting Batman or even the missing Bruce Wayne because apparently, he's an idiot. They fight it out but we won't see who wins for another two weeks!

The issue ends with a great scene of Mr. Freeze talking to his love Nora, as it finally looks like his treatments might be working.

Bits and Pieces

I enjoyed this issue because it was fun and it's nice to see somebody have some fun with Batman. The art is fantastic and, one thing that has been consistent in Tomasi's Detective run, the panel work is very well done. I admit that I rolled my eyes when I first saw Hiroshi and Clarence (stranded wartime pilots on tropical islands is a bit overdone) but I really grew fond of them. Bruce sewing ears onto his makeshift suit is ridiculous but I get why it was done. Also, the ending actually has me pretty hyped to get into this Mister Freeze story.


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