Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Batman Beyond #37 Review

There's A New Bat In Town!

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Sean Chen, Sean Parsons, Chris Sotomayor, Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 23, 2019

Neo-Gotham awaits as we head on back to the future to see if Terry McGinnis has recovered his memories from when False Face took his identity...... it's a thing this False Face does.  Anyway, if that wasn't enough it seems that we have a new hero in the city and by what the cover says..... it's a lady!  Let's jump into this issue and hope that the cover didn't spoil a mystery that this issue spends most of the issue trying to setup for a reveal..... Let's check it out!

Yeah, this cover totally spoils everything that this comic tries to do in obscuring Batman throughout the pages until you see the female form of the new Batwoman of Neo-Gotham...... but thankfully, we do get an interesting comic with Batwoman taking out criminal after criminal in an attempt to show that a Bat-person has returned to be the scourge of bad guys everywhere, but to also show us what Neo-Gotham has been up to since Terry rounded up all the Jokerz members in the city, not to mention, just show us the character that is the city, whether it be Neo or otherwise.

We do get a brief look at what our amnesiac Terry McGinnis is up to in the city, but it really does nothing for this issue beyond to show us that he's still out and about not knowing who he is.  It's just too bad that the majority of this issue is the idea of setting up that a woman is now in the bat suit because it's spoiled on the cover and it's also too bad that Bruce Wayne and Matt McGinnis seem to have different ideas about who this mysterious Batwoman could be...... especially Bruce Wayne...... you know, the world's greatest detective..... his idea is just strange.

All in all, I really enjoyed what Sean Chen brought to this issue with his art and think that this story of a Batwoman Beyond could be really fun.  It's just that most of this issue was all about the reveal that was spoiled before you even get to open the first page.  I did enjoy this issue for the most part though and look forward to what comes next now that the cat is out of the bag, it's just that most of the issue was setup to be a surprise and without the surprise, it's just kind of "meh". 

Bits and Pieces:

There's a new Batwoman in town and sadly this issue spends most of the time setting up that surprise when it's right out there on the cover, but beyond that disappointment, this issue has some great art and what looks like a fun story coming our way.  It's just too bad that majority of the story is based on a reveal that was revealed before the issue ever started.


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  1. New things we learned in this issue... um... The Bat-family can't keep secrets to save their lives (no wait, we already knew that after the Joker story)... Oh! The police are still treating Terry as a John Doe suspected murderer on the run despite Barbara having positively identified him as Terry and knowing that he's amnesiac! That's... not exactly a new development, though, just things staying the same even though they should've changed... Hmm... Bruce and Matt aren't so stupid that they can't guess who the two most likely candidates for Batwoman's identity are?

    Seriously, there was nothing in this issue that wasn't already revealed or very strongly hinted at in the last one. The build up to the Batwoman reveal doesn't work when it was spoiled twice over.