Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Writer: Mark Russell
Art: Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk, Andy Troy, and Rob Steen
Publisher: AHOY COMICS 
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 23rd, 2019 

Jesus Christ is missing and Sunstar recruits a team of lesser costumed heroes (who resent his great power) to assist him in the search for the Son of God in this week's all-new SECOND COMING #4 by Mark Russell. Let's fly into this heavenly tale and see what is in store for our King of Kings.  

Mark Russell puts together another thought-provoking and stimulating tale that focuses on perspective and reflection. Many would assume that the Son of God would have no regrets. However, as much as He was divine, He was also a man. Humanity, being what it is, can only be described as full of choices and regret. Moreover, even the ”perfect” man can still have regrets. 

The issue unfolds with Russell concentrating on the interactions between the Superhero Support Group and how the other heroes feel about Sunstar. This is Russell characterizing a meta-take on how Jesus seems to many non-Christians and Christians alike. One of the heroes says, ” Nobody asked Sunstar to come to Earth! He just showed up with all these powers and acts like he owns the place.” This is generally how many people feel about Jesus, or anyone for that matter with power, wealth, or intellect.  Many people like what they have, enjoy their own little slice of life and are satisfied and complacent. Jewish people may have begged for a savior but did everyone ask to be redeemed? 

God sent His son to show humanity the way or the right path. However, like Sunstar, Jesus just emerged on the scene performing miracles, spreading the Gospel, and poking His nose in everyone’s business without asking. It’s human nature to question why He became the chosen one, as well as why He was bestowed with that power and prestige. Regardless of whether His intentions were good or not, everyone didn’t ask for change. Moreover, all people crave to be admired, to feel valuable, and honestly “worshipped” to a degree. So, what makes Sunstar that person? What made Jesus Christ the chosen one? Sure, He’s God's son. But, why Mary? Why that time? Why a teenage girl and a Step Dad that was a Sheppard?

Russell proceeds by opening up the idea about the true message that was shared with humanity after Jesus died. Jesus receives a copy of the New Testament and realizes that some of His ideas and intentions were shared incorrectly and inappropriately. Russell hits on a very heartfelt thread that Jesus states later in the issue. Jesus says, “I wanted to show people something in themselves worth believing in. How to be the cure for each other’s pain.” This statement firmly stuck with this reviewer. As much power and majesty that Jesus had, readers should remember how He used his abilities. He healed the sick, cared for the poor, and helped the widowed and lost. Jesus took the time to help those that no one wanted, were discarded, and couldn’t help themselves. His actions in real-life, as well as His message,  very well could be streamlined by Russell’s statement above. 

This was such an eloquent way to recapitulate the teachings of Jesus Christ in such a profoundly impactful way that it really hit home with this critic. This comment alone, as well as the series to date, has really led this reviewer to dive a bit deeper into his own personal Biblical studies. Thank you for the inciting words, Mr. Russell. You’ve sparked an interested in this reviewer that was never their before. 

Additionally, Russell hammers home the idea that it’s not necessarily that power corrupts as much as superiority recluses. The stronger you are the more alone you will feel. Dominance breeds desolation. Humanity continues to search for a common balance between the two and ultimately Jesus’s message was that particular sentiment.


How does humanity juggle one's pride with abandonment? How do we balance those scales? Jesus happened to have the answer but somewhere along the line, the message got a bit warped, or at least that's the angle Russell is taking. For now, this critic is completely onboard with this grippingly suggestive read that is truly causing this reviewer to think long and hard about many of his religious viewpoints. Any comic that causes this much speculation, discussion, and discernment needs to be read, shared, and explored. If you're a comic book fan that craves deep discussion and imaginative examinations of literature, this issue and series are absolutely for you. This critic continues to highly recommend this series and hopes that many will take a chance on this cleverly innovative adventure.


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