Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #6 Review

Family Forever

Writer: James Tynion IV
Art Team: Freddie E Williams, Kevin Eastman, Jeremy Colwell
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 2, 2019

The conclusion to the very enjoyable trilogy of Batman/TMNT series is here with a clash of the multiverse the stakes at play. Will everyone get their memories back in time, get back to where they are supposed to be, while saving the day in the process, or will there be a Bat, Turtle, or Joker left behind along the way? Lets discuss those points and more here.

The issue begins with the fight in the warehouse becoming overwhelming for our team, with the spotlight on Shredder and Casey fighting multiverse robots, as the Foot attempt to continue to take down Joker and Harley. The efforts to stop Joker and company look to be successful, however with all the goings on currently in the fight with Anti-Monitor Krang, Joker being run through with a sword doesn't stick. You can tell this issue has one mission in mind and that is wrapping up this thread with Krang and only that, everything else just sort of figures itself out from there, which isn't the best way to wrap things up after everything setup here but works well enough at points if you don't think to hard about it.

A lot of the rest of the issue is split up between the team trying to accomplish two separate goals. The first is obviously to take down Krang, through any means necessary, which gives these different versions of the same characters an opportunity and chance to chat one another a bit, which leads to some fun. This works better in some spots than others, but not nearly as well as it did early in the series, when OG Raph got a lot of the spotlight in this series. The second main goal the team is trying to accomplish is separate the respective teams (mainly the main continuity TMNT & Batman families) to their respective Earths in time, OR ELSE! The transitions are a little sudden but the beauty of the art helps ease the shock.

As I've mentioned previously I have enjoyed this series a lot and what its setup in previous issues, however this issue in the end left everything feeling like a bit of a mismash of events, all smoothered together, not really giving anything much time to breathe or anyone character the spotlight of a moment.  The art on the other hand again looks incredible again, when Freddie and Kevin are on the page together they've stolen the show throughout the series, and this issue here again is no exception.  The ending concludes pretty predictably but warm hearted, to put a nice enough bow on things, albeit a sloppily tied one, maybe one for example your kid wraps for you in class for Christmas or Father's Day.  So yeah good not great.

Bits and Pieces:

Overall, Batman/TMNT III started out as a great concept but in the end either didn't really get much time to generate a proper conclusion, or lingered in other areas too long forcing a rushed feeling in spots, as things conclude in a whirl here in issue six. The art carries the series throughout the trilogy, I just love the art styles, and takes the art team have on these characters.  Just another fun romp, this time with a little multiverse flare, that ultimately just falls short of coming all the together in the end.


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