Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Justice League #33 Review

Mega Thrusters are Go!

Writer: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Artist: Bruno Redondo, Daniel Sempere, Juan Albarran, Hi-Fi and Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 2, 2019

I have been enjoying this whole Justice/Doom shindig for the action, the fun and the Justice Society of America!  You can keep Kamandi...I want Wildcat, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and the gang and I want them now.  There I go again, sounding like Veruca Salt!  Next thing you know, I'm going to sing Seether and start dating Dave Grohl.  Ponder that as we go into the review for this issue...

The issue opens with a little Shayne action and while the little guy seems sad, I'm glad we got to see him since I was wondering why he wasn't in the last issue's cliffhanger.  He's calling out to his father and that is another thing I've been waiting for since I'm pretty sure he is the only way we will ever see Martian Manhunter again.

Things really move quickly as we head off to see Kendra beating the crap out of Luthor's shields and the Monitor, Anti-Monitor and World Forger get all Voltron (or Megazord, I guess) on Lex and Perpetua.  While I love this sort of thing usually, it does come off as a bit too silly for what this story has been all about.  However, if each brother would have yelled the body part they were going to form into, then I would have been all over it!

Back in 1941, our heroes are heading to Atlantis in order to get back home and while I love the crap out of every character here, the scene does meander a bit.  It's mainly the JSA wondering if Atlantis actually exists, but at least Aquaman tells us all about the plan he and the Anti-Monitor came up with...kind of.  There isn't much to the explanation but at least there was one.

The scene ends with a little Alan Scott/John Stewart thinking time and it was nice.  I liked how it subtly showed the difference between both Lanterns, while at the same time showing that Alan will hopefully be a mentor to the Earth Lanterns coming up soon.

We then jump to the future and while Kamandi goes for help, the Justice League(s) are getting their asses handed to them by Brainiac One Million.  It's a brief scene, but some of the toys Brainiac gets out of his hypertime toybox are pretty cool.

Back in the present, Perpetua is talking major shit while Kendra and Lex go toe-to-toe.  The Kendra/Lex fight is pretty intense, but Kendra goes full powers at the wrong time and with things almost lining up for the side of Justice for a change, it's a real shame.

Unfortunately, that continues in the past as well as our heroes get to Atlantis but are met with more trouble than just finding a way home and in the end, it seems as if it's the job of the Last Boy on Earth to avoid an even greater disaster.

This issue was certainly action-packed!  That is pretty much it's biggest appeal, but also a bit of its downfall.  Things might be happening a bit too fast and if you are the least bit tired of our heroes always getting the short end of the stick, that doesn't look to be changing any time soon.  I don't mind that too much and I loved the interactions in the entire issue and the cliffhanger is about to open things up in an even bigger way.  Snyder and Tynion are using hypertime to give this a crazy Elseworlds type feel, but it's real and it's for all the marbles.

I liked the art in this issue but I would have loved to get more Bruno Redondo!  Daniel Sempere does a fine job (it reminded me of Bryan Hitch here), but I love Redondo so much.  I guess I'll be waiting for the Suicide Squad book for a full issue from him.

Bits and Pieces:

This was an action-packed issue that flew by pretty quick, put our heroes between a rock (Totality?) and a hard place and then showed that some awesome help might be on the way.  I am enjoying it all with a smile on my face.


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