Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Batman/Superman #4 Review

All Along the Watchtower

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: David Marquez, Alejandro Sanchez, and Joe Hill
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 20, 2019

While we haven't seen all of the Infected Secret Six yet, it's all hands on deck as Joshua Williamson and crew dive headfirst into the deep end of their story.  I have been a bit on the lower part of the scoring curve, but maybe putting on the gas is just what this story needed.  Is that the case?  Let's find out...

The issue opens in the Fortress of Solitude with Blue Beetle/Scarab wreaking house...his house.  Yep, if this all turned into a rap video, Jaimie would yell, "Whose House?" and we'd all yell, "Scarabs House!"  Then we'd probably start throwing our hands in the air and waving them like we just don't care.  That would be so awesome!  You just know that Marshmello would be the DJ too!

We find out some things about Superman and announce things about Scarab (the infection is making the Scarab stronger...Okay???) and are introduced to more of the cast of Infected characters.  Donna is here almost out of nowhere, but her smashing Superman "for Wally, Dick and Roy" was pretty cool, though she should probably go after Tom King and leave Supes alone for all that!  Hearing Sky Tyrant's reason for attacking Batman doesn't hit home as hard, but at least he's trying right?!?!  Jim Gordon then gets his moment and he really is coming off a bit like Alfred's Outsider character and by that, I mean pretty badass!  

It all leads to the big reveal of the Batman Who Laugh's plan and while it feels a bit bloated, ridiculous and feels very Dark Knights: Metal and I actually think there is some fun to be had here.  I know there will be people (Eric) who will pish-posh it on principle alone, but we've driven this wacky car for too long to start wondering why we gas up with crazy juice.

Speaking of gassing up, they need Superman as one of the Secret Six to make this work...because he's Kryptonian.  Luckily, him and Batman get away...for a bit.  They do come up with a panic room/You're locked in here with me type of plan that just might work...if they can fight past a bunch of Infected metas they haven't been able to beat yet.

The issue continues with a good fight scene that is joined by Supergirl and a little window of hope as Jaimie starts to fight off the Infection.  It's short-lived, though, and the issue ends with something that was leaked months and months ago, but still sucked seeing and a cliffhanger that was more of a roll call than anything, but still looked awesome!  

We get to see the Batman Who Laughs' plan and if it felt like an evil Somnus Satellite deal to you, I salute you.  The story is kicking into high gear, but to do that, it felt a bit rushed and forced at times.  Donna Troy just shows up, Scarabs powers are amplified because and Shazam shows up at the very end so he doesn't spoil the party too soon.  Still, I can enjoy most of what we are getting as long as Williamson explains things as we go.  I'm worried that he won't, but that will be reflected in my scores as we go.

I really like David Marquez's art here and that's with the pretty drab setpiece of the Fortress.  If and when we take the show outdoors again, I think my appreciation will only increase.  The hightlight here is the character models which look great!

Bits and Pieces:

The Secret Six have Batman and Superman on the ropes as we see the crazy plan the Batman Who Laughs is putting into play.  Joshua Williamson is cutting some corners here to get the ball really rolling and while they don't bring down the story, they could in the near future.  For now, though, the great art and over the top story has me more interested with each issue.


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