Friday, November 29, 2019

Rebirth Rewind: Green Lanterns #11 (2016) Review


Released: November 16th, 2016
Writers: Sam Humphries
Pencils: Robson Roca
Inks: Jay Leisten & Cam Smith
Colors: Blond
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99

Review written by Joey Casco of

Frank Laminski has stolen the Phantom Ring from Rami to become the Phantom Lantern, and Rami is now Volthoom's hostage. Can the Green Lanterns of 8614 make quick work of a guy fueled by jealousy that now has access to all of the colors of the emotional spectrum?  Use the "Phantom Lantern" label to read my other reviews from this arc.

After escaping with the Phantom Ring, Frank has some fun with his new powers.

But meanwhile in Kansas, a boys dog won't come inside during a tornado.

But never fear! The new Green Lantern is here!

He's also an ass.

After saving the boy and his dog, the media shows up for the scoop. And of course Frank acts like a tool.

Back in Michigan, Simon and Jessica are asking Nazir about what exactly happened with Frank and Volthoom. Jessica asks her ring for any significant abberations in the Emotional Spectrum, and Simon is amazed at how "human" her ring sounds. "The more I talk to it, the better it sounds. I think it's learning. What-- don't you talk to your ring?"

The ring finds an undefined Emotional Spectrum energy and they're off.

Frank greets them as his fellow heroes, but Simon and Jess mean business. They want that ring. But the boy and his dog defend their hero.

Simon and Jess try and convince everybody, including the reporter, that Frank is not a Green Lantern. Simon kinda messes it up, and even Batman is watching in the Batcave. When Franks says that his word against theirs, the reporter turns to him and brings up that they are part of the Justice League and Superman would vouch for them.

He brings up saving the kid again as his defense as a hero, and asks Simon and Jess "who says that you deserve to wear those rings?" Jess tells him "The greatest man to ever wear a Green Lantern ring? He says we deserves it." And that pisses him right off.

He tries to calm down and get the kid to smile for the camera with him again, but now the kid is scared of him, and he goes into Phantom mode as he changes his color.

There's a big explosion of orange as Simon and Jessica get everybody there to safety as Frank transforms. And of course it's Avarice!

Bits and Pieces

Frank so desperately wants to be a hero but not for the right reasons. It's clearly for the accolades and spotlight and power. And that's what makes him such a good character. He's arrogant and cocky and selfish, and this issue does a great job of making you both love and hate him. It also progresses the story of the two GLs and their partnership nicely. Another fun issue in an awesome arc, and the art is fantastic.


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