Monday, November 25, 2019

Second Coming #5 Review

Writer: Mark Russell
Art: Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk, Andy Troy, and Rob Steen
Publisher: AHOY COMICS 
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 27th, 2019 

God and Satan get coffee in this week’s all-new SECOND COMING #5 by Mark Russell. Meanwhile, Sunstar receives a tempting offer from a brutal dictator and Jesus shares some sad, secret memories with his flock. What memories could these be? And, does Satan like a darker roast blend? All this and so much more in this month’s heavenly tale. Let’s dive in and take a look!

The issue unfolds with Mark Russell providing fans with his Biblical rundown of Satan’s history. Russell does a fantastic job blending reality and fiction together to concoct a version of “our” Biblical Creation that could genuinely make sense. Moreover, Russell, combined with Richard Pace’s incredible illustrations, create the perfect story in such a lightheartedly humorous way that will leave fans laughing out loud and honestly wondering if these events could have actually happened! 

While the coffee talk was transpiring between God and Lucifer, Sunstar was looking into the possibility of adoption in another country. However, Russell uses this opportunity to get readers to think about the lay of the land within the world today. Why, and how, is it fair to be born into a world with more power than another? Furthermore, is that placement of authority random or does some higher power strategical dictate who has what? Also, should anyone be given that type of sovereignty to purposefully and unfairly give more or less to any one being? Wow! Talk about a philosophical discussion to have over a cup of coffee! 

To add to those profound conversations over Java, Russell puts a clever spin on Jesus’ reasoning and method versus his Father’s approach to the human race and this world. This reader absolutely adored the refreshing take on Jesus’ driving force behind the New Covenant with Creation he established. It truly makes sense, whether it’s true or not, and was so warm and comforting as well. However, you’ll have to read the issue to see what this critic is directly referring too. 

Additionally, Russell continues to paint this picture of God as an actual Father and having the same mistakes and misfortunes as any Dad would, not just with Jesus, but with all of his creations (from Lucifer to humanity). The most interesting question thrown out like a grenade at the end of this narrative happens within the last 6 pages of the tale. And readers, it’s a fascinating thought relating God’s feelings, missteps, and arrogance to the Biblical story. Fans of Biblical studies, comics, and theology will leave this issue with so many amazing exchanges that it will make their heads spin! 

This reviewer would recommend this issue, and series, to anyone discovering their faith, to anyone who is firmly grounded within their faith, and even to anyone walking the line of uncertainty between their beliefs in order to bring out some motivational nuggets of self-discovery. And readers, remember, this is a comic book! It's not real. But, just like the Bible, you don't have to read it because it's true. You read the Bible because it's helpful and interesting. So, guess what? That's exactly what this series, and issue, have been since day one... helpful and interesting.

Readers will not only be blown away with Russell’s imagination within the boundaries of the Biblical narrative but fans will also see the hilarious additions and illustrations by Pace sprinkled throughout each page. Whether it’s God in a hammock chair hanging from the ceiling, or Satan’s pointy hair and beard, Pace’s sly and almost natural artistic license melts beautifully with Russell’s witty narration. These two creators were precisely made for each other. Readers will be able to tell the natural bond between this creative team with the turn of each page.


If you’re in the mood for a cleverly hilarious comic, this ones for you. If you’re also in the mood to explore your religious beliefs, then open up your mind and dive right into this comic. Sure, Russell mixes Biblical truth and fiction in this issue but open-minded readers will leave captivated on a philosophical tour that will drive them wild with some laughter along the way. Fans, this type of comic is right in Mark Russell’s wheelhouse. Give this series a try and let me know what you think.


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