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Rebirth Rewind: Green Lanterns #12 (2016) Review


Released: November 7th, 2016
Writers: Sam Humphries
Pencils: Eduardo Pansica
Inks: Julio Ferreira
Colors: Blond
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99

Review written by Joey Casco of

Frank Laminski has stolen the Phantom Ring from Rami to become the Phantom Lantern, and Rami is now Volthoom's hostage. But every time the Green Lanterns of 2814 confront Frank, he bounces. Can they finally pin him down and get the Phantom Ring back? Use the "Phantom Lantern" label to read my other reviews from this arc.

We're still in Olathe, Kansas, and Frank has turned orange with Avarice. For whatever reason he busts through the wall of a home and scares the crap out of its residents. But the Green Lanterns show up and Frank, per usual, flies away like a coward.

Simon is able to shield them from the falling roof and get them to safety. But where did Frank go? They assume that he's gone to Coast City because he's obsessed with being a Green Lantern and that's Hal's hometown. Which of course that's where he goes because he also lives there.

Now we're taken to a flashback from years ago where Frank is with his girlfriend at a carnival, and Hal is there playing with the kids.

And again, Frank is just in awe. He wants a Power Ring so bad that he just leaves his girlfriend there and trains even harder.

Back in the present, Frank returns to Volthoom scared as hell and now running on Fear.

Volthoom calls him a coward and an idiot, and shames him for not being able to control his emotions. "Do you think they will let you roam free on this planet?! They are coming for you! You have led them straight here!"

The Green Lanterns are now in Coast City and looking for Frank. Simon's worried what will happen if the Green Lantern Corps finds out that they let this all happen, but Jessica is actually worried about Frank.

What if he's a victim of the ring and spiraling out of control? What would happen if she put it on? Or Simon? And she brings up a good point when Simon points out their Green Lantern rings "picked them".

"What if that was me? What if I went crazy wearing the ring? Would you just punch me instead of trying to talk me down?"

It's then that Simon's ring has found a disturbance, and it's Frank showing off his stuff at Memorial Park. It's pretty hilarious because he's a tool.

Nobody is impressed and they laugh at him. And when Simon and Jess get there, and Simon tries to extract the ring off of Frank's finger with a construct, Frank surges into another change.

Oh crap!

Bits and Pieces

Frank is finally standing up to the Green Lanterns instead of running away, and it looks like he's pretty good at using Fear. This issue gives you more of a reason to both love and hate Frank, the argument between the two Lanterns is actually a relevant one, and then there was the revelation that they both secretly want the Power Ring for themselves. Also, Volthoom is one creepy bastard. The art isn't as good as the last issue, and that's not an insult because the art here is still good. Overall, yet another solid issue of Phantom Lantern.


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