Monday, December 9, 2019

Dragonfly and Dragonflyman #2 Review

Main Writer: Tom Peyer
Main Art: Peter Krause, Andy Troy, Rob Steen, and Jamal Igle
Additional Writers: Matt Brady, Bryce Ingman, and Rebecca Hicks
Additional Art: Joe Orsak, Ted Woods, and Brian Butler
Publisher: AHOY COMICS
Release Date: December 11th, 2019
Price: $3.99

Last time on DRAGONFLY AND DRAGONFLYMAN #1, the two evil versions of Devil Man found a way to corrupt both Dragonfly heroes from Earth-Alpha and Earth-Omega. This set our master crimefighter in a subliminal rage against his faithful sidekick Stinger. However, was Stinger able to survive? And, can both Dragonfly/ Dragonflyman break Devil Man’s evil spell? Let’s dive into DRAGONFLY AND DRAGONFLYMAN #2 by Tom Peyer and find out!

Readers, have you read THE WRONG EARTH? If not, this fan highly recommends you pick up the trade this holiday season. You won’t be disappointed. However, why did this critic bring up the prior series? Well, funny you should ask.  This reader brings it up because, in THE WRONG EARTH (minor spoiler in that series ahead), Earth-Omega Stinger isn’t “around” anymore. In that series, there appears to be some contention as to how exactly it went down too. At the time of reading THE WRONG EARTH, this reader thought that maybe it was drugs? Maybe, like a certain Robin we all know, a villain captured Earth-Omega Stinger and killed him?  Or, after DRAGONFLY AND DRAGONFLYMAN #1, this reviewer was wondering if this is the story Peyer is trying to tell fans now. Is Peyer trying to show readers that it was actually Dragonfly who killed Earth-Omega Stinger or that he was the one who led Stinger down a path filled with drugs and addiction? If so, Peyer is really stepping up the gritty, dark, and abrasive tone of this Earth-Omega version of Dragonfly holding both heroes from each Earth is such high contrasts.

Speaking of high contrasts, this series is directed specifically at BATMAN 66’  fans as well as THE DARK KNIGHT fans alike. Isn’t it so crazy to see the drastic difference between Batman throughout the years? How could a crime-fighting detective be so ho-hum and golly-gee one minute in one series yet bashing rapists and murders into the ground in the next series? But somehow, many fans like myself loved both versions of the character! Well, Peyer is giving fans of both styles the opportunity to follow almost identical characters in the same issue of this series in such a unique and remarkable way. There is no doubt that fans of both versions of the Caped Crusader will fall head over heels for this narrative and need to give it a shot.

Peyer nails the Earth-Alpha world flawlessly with its ridiculous answers to solving crime as well as it’s over the top means of escaping traps and pivotal moments from Devil Man. Furthermore, Peyer takes to overly dramatic and thorough explanatory narration, which not only leads to the same feeling as a BATMAN 66’ but it also lends itself to seeing a rift between the wholesome Dragonflyman and the happy-go-lucky Stinger from Earth-Alpha. Fans, Peyer does such a masterful job hitting his mark on this Earth that readers will find these scenes and panels hilariously spot-on as well as nostalgic.

As for Peyer’s gritty Earth-Omega portion, Peter Krause and Andy Troy’s illustrations elevate Peyer’s tale giving it the truly violent and emotional vibe that comes with the darker nature associated with this genre of comic. Peyer, mixed with Krause and Troy’s realistically authentic artistic tone, “ply” open the disturbed characters of both Stinger and Dragonfly. This reader finds himself drawn closer to this world than Earth-Alpha desiring the more suspenseful, stomach twisting, rough, and raw comic tone. 

Now, as much as this reader enjoyed both creative expressions that Peyer and his team showcase throughout the issue, the one problem this critic had with this week’s installment was the lack of reasoning as to why Stinger-Omega seemed so frightened and scarred by the events that happened while Dragonfly was venom-possessed. There appears to be a disconnect and Stinger-Omega appears to be having an extreme reaction to last issue's actions. Even Dragonfly seems to be surprised as to Stinger-Omega’s over the top reaction. This reviewer’s hope is that there is more to what happened while Dragonfly was possessed that Peyer isn’t sharing and other issues will open the “wound” within the relationship between our two heroes. This reader, like many of you after reading the issue, will notice something wrong with the duo's relationship that’s merely scratching at the surface. 

If you’re a fan of BATMAN 66’ as well as THE DARK KNIGHT, you need to pick up this issue and add this series to your pull list. If you’re looking for a new series that contains key nostalgic comic elements and blends it together with a raw and almost grim portrayal of a realistic perspective of a crime-fighting vigilante, this issue is perfect for you. DRAGONFLY AND DRAGONFLYMAN #2 is a fantastically entertaining, fast-paced, action-filled issue by Tom Peyer that perfectly captures two comic styles that new and old fans alike will admire and appreciate. Add this series from Ahoy Comics to your pull list and check out some of the other comics they have to offer. This critic thinks you’ll be glad you did!


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