Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Flash #84 Review and *SPOILERS*

Unholy Alliance

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero
Letters By: Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 11, 2019

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The Flash is in the middle of a occupation by Captain Cold’s new army and it has given us readers some really great issues up to this point. There are so many great story threads that can be expanded upon during this story. The relationships between the Rogues, the issues with the Speed Force, and so many others. If our writers follow up the previous issue with more and more of these hanging threads, then we will be in for quite a treat with this book. Williamson’s run with Flash has had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but this latest issue is checking all the right boxes. Let’s jump into this latest issue and see what comes next for our heroes.

We pick up with our heroes as they are traversing the frozen wasteland. The journey is hard since our heroes cannot use the speed force and they must all wear power dampeners in order to prevent destruction. Eventually though they come up upon a shipwrecked battleship. Golden Glider informs them that they have finally arrived at Weather Wizard’s new home. The group enters the ship as quietly as possible but it isn’t long before they are discovered by Weather Wizard. He says that he simply wants to be left alone to wait out the end of the world. Flash tries to reason with him and says that they are not here to fight but Wizard isn’t hearing any of it. However, it is Golden Glider that eventually gets through to him. She tells him that the Flash is not dead and the man in front of him is not an imposter. Wizard wants proof and uses his powers to remove the power dampener from our three heroes. They immediately being vibrating at an insane speed and while their powers are uncontrollable, they are able to aim that chaos at Weather Wizard.

Flash gets the upper hand for a moment and Kid Flash and Avery jump into action but Flash stops them. Weather Wizard regains his composure and prepares for attack when Golden Gilder uses her bandages to stop everyone. Glider’s bandages can dampen the powers of others as she learns after having regained them thanks to her brother’s deal with Lex Luthor. Back in Captain Cold’s lair, he yells at a subordinate before retreating to his lab. He immediately calls up Lex Luthor and he voices his opinions about everything that is going on with him. Lex questions if Cold has begun to doubt him and even threatens to take everything he’s given him away. Cold backs down and Lex assures him that he will be rewarded for his loyalty.

We catch back up with Flash as he seems to be trying to control this new version of the Speed Force. Glider helps him during this time as her bandages will stop him from going nuclear. As he trains, she talks to him about how similar he is to the Rogues. The two continue to develop their relationship before they are interrupted by Avery. We get a big exposition dump next as Glider gives us the rundown on Cold and his relationship with Lex Luthor. After her explanation, Weather Wizard agrees to join them and gives the group his mirror piece. Flash once again tries to get control of the Speed Force but he must call upon Glider in order to stop himself again. Wizard then tries to suggest something but they are interrupted by a fiery explosion. Flash gets ready for battle but Wizard calms him as he reveals that it is Heatwave behind the explosion. Heatwave says he has been listening in on their conversation and thus begins the alliance between the Speedsters and the Rogues. This is where the issue leaves us.

We get our new plan underway in this issue as our heroes travel to Weather Wizard’s home and what follows is their continued struggles with the Speed Force. We get a lot of great things in this issue. We further the stories that we have already set up and we introduce a few new ones too. In the previous issue we thought we would have to go through each of Cold’s allies in order for the Flash to be victorious but by the end of this issue, the two sides have joined forces against a common enemy. It’s just really well done seeing all these moving parts fit together in ways that we didn’t see coming. In addition, I may be reading in to thing too much but the relationship between Flash and Golden Glider is very interesting. There just seems to be a spark there. It could lead to a very compelling alliance or even more (though that might be weird with Iris around). Either way, this book continues to impress.

Bits and Pieces

Williamson shows off his talent as this stories continues in this book. It would have been so easy to go forward with the book in the way we all believed it would. However, he took the chance and changed things up on us. It keeps things fresh and allows new stories to be told that weren’t available before. It’s really masterfully done and I am enjoying the hell out of this book right now. Add some beautiful art to the mix and this is just an all around job well done.



  1. When was Captain Cold's mirror broken? It was fine in the previous issue

    1. Obviously there's no great answer for this because it just needed to happen to explain why Captain Cold doesn't do some huge, out of the realm of possibility weapons with his mirror technology and with that we have Golden Glider saying it's broken and we get only kind of giant monsters and wolves thrown at our heroes. Again, no real great answer because it wasn't really thought out when it was written.