Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Basketful of Heads #4 Review

Writers: Joe Hill
Artist: Leomacs
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Deron Bennet
Editors: Mark Doyle & Amedeo Turturro
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 22nd, 2020

We're going over the hump in this 7 part series with issue #4, and going in there's only one head in the basket so far. In the last issue, after leaving the house to go find help, June and Puzo (the head) come across Mr. Hamilton drinking and driving in the rain. June hides the basket with Puzo’s head in the bed of the truck and they start driving to the police station. When the road is blocked by a tree and they go to move it, June finds the pruners that were used to cut off her boyfriend Liam's finger and Hamilton finds Puzo's head in the basket in the bed of his truck. So he attacks her, and the issue ended with June falling unconscious after giving him a good fight. To read all of my reviews of this series, use the "Basketful of Heads" label.

After waking up from a dream where she was lying in bed with Liam's decapitated head, she hears Hamilton screaming from behind her as he puts a tourniquet on the ax wound she gave him. He comes after her again and after a struggle, she ends up breaking his nose with her elbow and chopping off his head too. And again, just like Puzo, Hamilton is still alive and freaking out about it.

Hamilton claims that he saw the head in the basket and was defending himself, and June insists that he had something to do with Liam's kidnapping. When Hamilton starts smiling and making jokes, I'm starting to think that this is all in June's head. But when she puts them both in the basket together, Puzo begins a plan on what he and Hamilton are going to do. When June interrogates Hamilton, he insists the blood on the pruners are from when he had to free one of his dogs from barbed wire. Then he gets religious saying this was a miracle so she could seek forgiveness. And then he tells her, another hint that this is a hallucination, "You're talking to two decapitated heads in a basket. June, can't you see you need help?"

She gets in the cab, loses her $#!+ in frustration for a second, collects herself, gets out and moves the tree and the body, and drives to the police station where the sheriff's son Hank is the only one there. She tells him what happened, even saying that she killed Puzo and leaving the whole undead head thing out. He brings her to a cell so she can change in private, and gives her a change of clothes. When she takes out the shirt, it's a Sea Dogs baseball jersey with the name "Puzo" on the back. Hank slams the cell door, locks her up, confirms that Puzo is a cop, and tells June that she's going to give him what he wants.

Bits and Pieces

Again, first and foremost, the art style is awesome. Overall this was a very fast-moving issue compared to the first three and I really liked it. Even though I would have expected to have a bit more plot progress at this point, the series has managed to keep me invested in the story and the characters.  With Hank's revelation at the end it looks like things are about to ramp up, and if they do this will make for a very good trade. Ya know, for being called "Basketful of Heads" that basket is pretty full with only two heads in it, so that might be it... unless Hank is about to join them. 


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