Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wonder Woman #750 Review

A Celebration!

Writer: Vita Ayala, Marguerite Bennett, Kami Garcia, Dean Hale, Jeff Loveness, Steve Orlando, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Mariko Tamaki, Various others
Artist: Elena Casagrande, Colleen Doran, Jesus Merino, Gabriel Picolo, others
Cover Price: $9.99
Release Date: January 22, 2020

I love Wonder Woman and the state of her current, and recent runs makes me sad, so while I think it's a bit of nonsense to make a big deal at #750, I hope this inspires the writers and the powers than be to start making sure Wonder Woman starts kicking ass right here and right now.  At the risk of sounding more like Jesus Jones, let's get on with the review...

This is a big sucker, and while I will talk in general about most of it, the issue opens with Steve Orlando finishing up his Hunt story.  Right away, Orlando shows Diana's compassion, and while I would like to see Wonder Woman kick a little more butt, I understand people love this as well.  Orlando does a decent job of recapping some of the recent events in case readers haven't been following the regular run, though I want to point out that everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to Cheetah killing Poseidon.

We continue with Hera attacking Cheetah, Silencer still feeling off and Diana setting up a group therapy session in Diana's soul or at least the lasso...that she doesn't have just yet.  What????   Diana does get back the Golden Perfect, and it's back to the real world where it looked like Silencer was decapitated by the God Slayer, but wasn't and Cheetah gets captured by the lasso.

The story continues with Cheetah getting away, Silencer getting hurt again, and Diana deciding to go at the whole Wonder Woman thing for herself, by herself.  I guess we don't need the gods, after all!  

The story ends with Silencer feeling even more off than ever (please don't let Steve Orlando write her anymore!) and a cliffhanger that sets up what could be an interesting story going forward. 

This was a rushed and convenient ending to a story that was not good from the start.  Steve Orlando seems to get Wonder Woman enough but misses with the supporting cast and overall story.  The art was above average throughout, though, so I would give this story a 5.9/10

The rest of the celebration continues with some lovely stories by favorites like Gail Simone (a continuation of her Star-Blossom story from the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special), and Greg Rucka (with Nicola Scott - a Cheetah story that takes place "later").  Mixed in are stories by Mariko Tamaki, Kami Garcia, Shannon and Dean Hale, and Vita Ayala.  A real pleasant surprise for me, though, was Marguerite Bennett getting to do a Bombshells story.  I can't say I loved every story here, but I do like the variety of stories and art.

The issue ends with Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch starting off DC's new timeline with a classic feeling story that sets Wonder Woman up as the first hero and ending with a "beginning" for a book that people have been wanting for quite some time.

Bits and Pieces:

I like just about all the stories we get in this issue, and besides those, there are a bunch of pinups throughout that look awesome.   This is an easy buy for Wonder Woman fans.


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