Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Daphne Byrne #3 Review

Writer: Laura Marks
Art: Kelley Jones
Colors: Michele Madsen
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 4, 2020

Prepare for the horror of falling asleep reading a comic book, because Daphne Byrne is back to make you keep nodding off.

So the creepy kid from the other side or whatever is still following her around, and they're sitting on her bed at the beginning of the issue. They decide to play a game where they ask each other questions in sets of three or they forfeit. She asks him if he's real, he says yes. Where does he come from, "your world is mine but I wasn't born of flesh". Then she asks him if he ever wishes he was like her "because sometimes you look like you want to eat me." And he just gives her this creepy look, and they almost kiss but Daphne's mother barges into the room because she just found out Daphne had attacked another girl. Of course, she can't see the boy so she yells at her and tells her she shouldn't sit on a made-up bed because it's not ladylike.

From here we find out that she doesn't have to speak from the boy to hear her and all she has to do is think. The imagery when she finds out is good because it shows her scared and being watched and surrounded by a bunch of red eyes as she asks if he can hear her thoughts and realizes she has no secrets from him. But when he touches her cheek and looks into her eyes, and she smiles. Later, Daphne is in school and sees all these monsters on the other kids but they can't see them. The boy tells her to have them serve her, so she has them break all of the ink bottles on their desks and splash all over them, and then she runs out into the street.

The story of Daphne's mom being setup by the medium continues, and she's given something in her tea that makes her pass out. But at the end we see her still passed out but wearing sexy lingerie, surrounded by what looks like a cult and a pigs head on a platter.

Bits and Pieces

I didn't even know if I should go through with what happened in the book. The overall story isn't the best but it's not terrible; it's the way that it's told that makes you not care. And the art seems to be so inconsistent from frame to frame, especially the characters looking like the same person. I will say that the classroom scene was pretty cool, and the best part of the issue.


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