Sunday, May 10, 2020

Justice League #43 Review

No Sun?  No Fun

Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Doug Mahnke, Richard Friend, David Baron, Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 18, 2020

We've come to the end of our Eradicator arc, where previously we saw our Justice League team lure the Eradicator and his Advance Legion of suped-up Daxamites into a portal that found them in the far reaches of space, where there was no yellow sun to charge them up and continue to make them a threat that our heroes couldn't handle.  It's time to see if their plan worked out and hope that the Eradicator doesn't have something else up his robotic sleeve to allow him to win the day.  Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

In this exciting conclusion to our Eradicator story we find our team of heroes with the mindset that if they don't defeat their foes here, there's no defeating them.  Thankfully though, the fact that there's no yellow sun around really just saps the power out of the Daxamites and our Man of Steel pretty quickly and we have ourselves an old fashioned Justice League beat down.  Yeah, things come to a conclusion pretty quick here, especially for how big the threat seemed only last issue, but this was a decent little palate cleanser of a story to break up what we were getting previously out of this Justice League book.....  I just wish that things took a bit longer to develop than a three-issue, setup, confrontation, resolution type story.  

For the most part, I enjoyed the way that our heroes and villains acted here, but there are a few missteps in my mind, where Wonder Woman felt strangely violent and off by the end, even having Superman go along with "plan" to defeat Eradicator and in my mind, it seemed like the Advance Legion in this book were all "eradicated", but it seems that they were simply fine by the end and taken away by the Green Lantern Corps and I don't know if their supposed death earlier in the book was too gruesome and that it had to be quickly changed or what, but their mention at the end felt weird.  Yeah, there's some fun to be had here, but ultimately, things just kind of fall flat in my mind for the ending of this story.

All in all, I loved the art in this issue and thought that the way we got most of the heavy hitters out of this story to make this a legitimate battle was pretty well thought out and made sense for what had been going on, I just wish that this story would have lasted a bit longer because the way it just kind of ends here feels like it totally just fizzled out and the threat that I thought our heroes were facing just kind of seems like it was really nothing by this issue.  Hopefully, the next arc is able to sustain more in not only issues but in threat level.

Bits and Pieces:

I know we all like our heroes to be capable.  I mean, they've been saving the world a long time now, but for how big the threat of the Eradicator and his Advance Legion seemed previously, here it just ends in a whimper as everything comes to an end because it must.  The art in this issue is great and the battle is pretty terrific, but some of the characters feel a bit off here and our villain's threat level was taken away immediately.  


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  1. Anyone else notice Jessica Cruz among the GLs?
    Yeah this conclusion was a little anticlimactic but at least it was a conclusion where we can move on to something else and the story didn't wear out its welcome like so many other current and past stories.
    That said, I would like to see some of the other members in later storylines. But it looks like they're sticking with these 5 for now.