Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #3 Review


Written by: Robert Venditti
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Ink: Drew Hennessy
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: May 4th, 2020

Toyman is back and causing a bit of terrorism in the toy stores that he used to own. But is his motive to lure in Superman or to get revenge on somebody else?

The issue starts off with what, at the time, looks like a big structure made to look like a giant robot built around the entrance to the Schott Toys building in Metropolis. Two employees are closing the store and complaining about how many returns they had that day because the quality of the toys has gone down since founder Winslow Schott went on a crime spree and LexCorp bought the toy store chain.  After they leave, the eyes of the T-Rex toys light up and create an explosion. Then we see Winslow Schott himself, the Toyman, walking away from the fire holding a remote. 

Lex is in his office holding a ransom-style note from Toyman, and he crumples it up in anger. This was the third time this has happened recently to a Schott Toys location, and Clark Kent is determined to get Lex Luthor's opinion on it. So, even though Lex only takes interviews by appointment, Clark sits himself in Lex's waiting room and says he will wait there for however long it takes. So Clark is brought in, of course Lex some jabs at Clark about his wife being a better reporter, but Clark is unable to get any info on the incidents or get Lex to admit he's being threatened by Schott. I really enjoyed this quick, two page transaction.

Later in a diner, while Clark is telling Lois about his conversation with Lex, Perry comes storming in yelling... and starts eating Clark's fries. He just heard about the ambush on Lex, and he says that he doesn't mind an ambush if he knows it's going to happen. Meanwhile outside, little UFO toys start flying out of a Schott Toys location and starts zapping people with lazers. This call for Superman! So Supes comes out, fights the UFO's, and saves a little girl and her mother.

After that, Clark is in Perry's office as they talk about Clark's article on the incident. Jimmy walks into the office backwards snapping pictures of whatever is infront of him, and of course he gets yelled at by Perry. But it's Toyman. Schott is right outside Perry's office in full Toyman gear asking to speak to Clark Kent. He's read his articles on his attacks and he wants to make an official statement: until Lex stop production at Schott Toys, the attacks will continue. That's when Lois sneaks up behind him and cracks his head with a fire hydrant, exposing that it was a robot the whole time.

Then out on the street, something really crazy happens. Remember those giant robots outside of the Schotts Toys stores? Whelp, they're really giant robots. And the one right near the Daily Planet rips itself off of the building and starts heading right to LexCorp. Lex sees it coming from his office and says "Finally, you've shown me something I can use." and later, during the big fight scene between Superman and the giant robot, still completely calm, "Go on and save me, Superman"

The climatic fight scene is great and done in a way that makes it believable that this robot could be a problem for Superman. You can guess that Superman comes out on top, obviously. But it's not an easy guess on why Lex bought Schott Toys to begin with and took no counter measures against Schott and his attacks, which is revealed in the end.

Bits and Pieces

Just like in the second issue of this series, I really enjoyed the interaction between all of the characters. I love the voices that Venditti has given these characters so far, especially Clark and Lex. Perry eating Clark's fries gave me a legit laugh, Supes post-UFO-attack moment with the little girl was nice, and man that art is good. Is it a crazy super awesome intense issue that makes you feel there are stakes at hand? Nope. It's a fun one-shot story with fun moments meant just for that: to have fun. And it's absolutely worth the 99¢.


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