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Batman #92 Review and *SPOILERS*

How the **** Do Crosswords Work?

Written By: James Tynion IV
Art By: Guillem March, Tomeu Morey
Letters By: Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 9, 2020

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It’s been a while since we got a great issue from the main Batman title. The state of the world wouldn’t allow it but now it has finally returned to us and frankly, I’m excited. Tynion’s run is still in its’ infancy and it has started off fairly well. Granted the first few issues were just a little above average but the previous issue was very well done and I can only hope that this issue carries that forward rather than regressing. For those that don’t remember, we are in the middle of a crisis in Gotham as Batman has just captured Deathstroke but now finds himself inside of another one of Riddler’s games. To top it all off, the Designer is executing a plan of his own, and Joker is doing plenty of things behind the scenes. So what will happen in this new issue? Let’s jump into this new issue and see where it takes us.

Our issue begins in Gotham Hospital where the police are visiting Penguin. Bullock immediately charges Penguin with murder but thanks to his lawyer being in the room, he is able to avoid any further accusations. Just then, one of the officers brings Bullock’s attention to the window where he sees the screens of Gotham have lit up with the Riddler’s green. We catch up with the Riddler as he implements his plan to defeat Batman. He has created a crossword using Gotham City blocks as the grid for the game itself. Riddler then blocks all of Batman’s communications so that he won’t be able to cheat in order to win the game. Breaking the rules will result in Riddler activating the bombs. We cut to Catwoman and Harley Quinn who are currently traveling through the sewers. Catwoman is searching for a secret door of some sort but Harley then lets her know that they are being attacked by zombies.

We cut back to Batman who is also dealing with some zombies himself. Somehow he was able to get the cuffs on Deathstroke and he instructs him to enter the subway tunnel. Riddler is obviously not happy that Batman isn’t playing the way that he wants but Batman tells him to ask the questions. Batman answers the first two questions without any issue before the Bat-Train shows up to take them away. The two board the train and Batman answers another question. Riddler accuses him of cheating but without his communications intact, Batman can’t cheat so the game continues. Batman answers a few more questions (despite the hints not making any sense at all) and this sends Riddler into a fury. We cut back to Catwoman and Harley who are fighting off zombies as Catwoman finally gets in contact with the Underbroker. She convinces him to open the door for them and they escape the zombies.

Did DC Comics Spoil the Designer's Identity?

The two then encounter members of the Joker Gang and meet a new woman who is revealed to be the Joker’s new “partner”. I believe that they will call her Punchline but that isn’t confirmed by any means. Before long, a battle ensues between Harley and this new clown. During the struggle, Catwoman is sure to grab the Underbroker and uses the information she has on him to reveal his secrets to him and thus, convinces him to help her. We cut back to the Riddler who is angry that Batman has won his game but before he can realize it, Batman appears behind him. Batman reveals that he had recognized the room that Riddler was broadcasting from and proceeds to hit Riddler and Deathstroke with tranquilizers so that they will be incapacitated for the time being. However, he then hears a voice from behind him who reveals that they are in Bruce Wayne’s office. It turns out to be The Designer and he knows who Batman really is. He welcomes him to a conversation and that is where the issue leaves us.

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I’ve got some great news for Batman fans. This issue is a lot of fun and pretty well done in general. It moves the story along at a nice pace and allows us to see our hero progress while still encountering new obstacles for the story ahead. We get awesome action scenes, nice character moments, and even a nice cliffhanger. The art is amazing as well and really brings Gotham to life. That being said, there are a few nitpicks that I have for this issue. The first being that we never see Deathstroke get captured. In the first scene, we see him moving about uncuffed, and in the next scene, he is cuffed. I just can’t see Deathstroke just surrendering without trying to escape (though perhaps there’s a greater trap that will be revealed in the future). Also, the crossword puzzle doesn’t make sense. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding it greatly but Riddler tells Batman that the T in Photography is the third letter. Then Batman answers the question as Twelve. Like what?! Am I missing something?! This is a bit of a bigger issue because the questions are the actual obstacle that Batman is actively trying to overcome. However, even with those issues, I really liked this issue. It was extremely entertaining and action-packed and the pace was really nicely done. I hope the rest of the series continues like this.

Bits and Pieces

While there are certainly a few continuity issues with this book as well as logic issues, this issue of Batman is extremely well done. It’s a lot of fun and is really well done as far as storytelling goes. Batman is constantly overcoming his enemies while at the same time is being introduced to new obstacles and revelations that give the reader a sense of “what’s gonna happen next?” and that’s exactly what a book like this needs. Add some beautiful art to this already great issue and you’ve got yourself one hell of a comic book.


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