Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Harley Quinn #73 Review

Limbo Writing (How Low Can You Go)

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Sami Basri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 10, 2020

I have not been on the Sam Humphries bandwagon since he started this run of Harley Quinn.  Sure, he made things personal and emotional when Harley's mother passed, and while I didn't expect her to get over it quickly, Humphries hasn't either.  This book has been filled with underdeveloped characters and stories since, and this current one is no different.  Maybe things will improve now that Harley has seemingly found her best friend's killer, right?  Let's jump in a find out...

We open a little after last issue's cliffhanger.  Harley has destroyed all of Jonathan Wittleson's goons and is ready to take a bottle to the developer's head.  Way to not show us the fun parts!  The scene ends with Wittleson saying he has proof that Alicia committed suicide.  Okay, I guess that's the fun part.  Hmmm...

After the ultra annoying Charity XO recap, we get the most basic, grade school level social commentary ever.  Get this, Wittleson buys cheap buildings, tears them down, and replaces them with expensive ones!  Well, I never!  Luckily, Harley is there to tell us this is all wrong because it's such an outlandish concept!!!  It's embarrassing how long Humphries spends on all of this.  By the way, I thought Harley was trying to find out about her best friend's murder/possibly suicide?!?!?

We finally get to it, and it's just a convoluted mess that makes everything we've been reading for months mean nothing.  Wittleson reveals he's the money behind the wrestling and is a Harley fan.  He also has solid proof Alicia killed herself.  It seems to be on the up and up since Wittleson says Harley will recognize the writing.  Now, I think this all will end with Alicia somehow alive, but that's not helping me get through it in the here and now.

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Before going on, I want to point out that while Sam Humphries keeps telling us that Alicia was Harley's best friend, we barely got to know her.  So, while the back and forth of murder vs. suicide has gone on, I never had an opinion because how could I?!?  I never had many emotions either, again, because I didn't know much at all about Alicia before her murder!

After Becca freaks out over all of this, Harley heads to talk to Booster Gold.  Actually, she wants to make out with him more than talk, but since he is a good friend and seems to "like" Harley, he tells her no.  I have enjoyed having Booster in this book, but he does nothing for the story here.

It's off to see Charity XO, next, for a bunch of bullshit mumbo jumbo to take up a page and then more bullshit to send her back to the wrestling ring to punch things.

Get this, the nazi wrestler she picks to go against has Alicia's Jade Feather!  That means she WAS murdered!  The issue ends with the nazi telling Harley who's behind Alicia's murder then suicide now back to murder.  I won't spoil it, but it ties into the beginning of Humphries run; it is just silly and not in a good way.

This issue is awful.  It's all over the place, uses a suicide note from a mother to her daughter as a red herring (it might be forged, but the reaction isn't) and gives the reader Captain Obvious social commentary.  I do love Sami Basri's art, which I think is a 5/5.  I tell you that so you can figure out what I think of the story from the score below!

Bits and Pieces:

Sam Humphries has hit a new low for me.  The insensitive way he uses suicide for his story is disgusting, even if it is a red herring.  Actually, it might be worse because of that.  The story means nothing as we bounce back and forth to get to a cliffhanger that may be fun, but I don't think me and Humphries have the same meaning of fun, so who knows!  I love Sami Basri's art, but other than that, this book is not good!  Thank god this is all ending soon!


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