Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Detective Comics #1033 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Brad Walker
Ink: Andrew Hennessy
Colors: Dave McCaig
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 21st, 2020

It's Peter Tomasi's last issue in this run of Detective Comics. Although his run overall wasn't all that special, and it got frustrating at times unless you're way too much into cults, it had moments that I really did enjoy sprinkled all the way throughout. But does it end on a high note?

Right from the get-go, I was excited. Batman and Robin, Bruce and Damian, working together again while showing flashbacks of everything that they've been through together. That was cool.

From there, there's not really much to say for most of the issue. It's one big fight with Hush while they bicker about their past. How he feels wronged, how lucky Bruce is, how much of a coldhearted worm Hush is, blah blah blah. It's a good fight, though, and while Damian is trying to get the drugged-up Batfamily awake and out of there, he grabs some scalpels and tosses them right into the back of Hush's head and shoulders. That's not enough to take down Hush, but his comment about how this Robin is more brutal than the others is great. Batman just ends up taking him down with his fists.

In the end, Bruce and Damian connect a little more again. Damian says that he's solved the first case in the Black Book and he'll finish the last one in Bruce's memory after he's dead and gone. Because he admits that he's tried to be like him and just can't because of the size of the shadow he casts, Bruce tells him the important thing is the person on the inside. Then Bruce offers Damian the R back. He says it's his. And Damian rejects it, saying "no, it's yours" and leaves him.

After we find out Nakano has won the mayoral election, and that he's kinda scared because he doesn't actually know what he's going to do now, the book ends with Bruce back at Wayne Manor doing the final packing. The last box is Alfred's possessions. He says his goodbyes to Alfred in his parents in the graveyard. He gets the dogs and the cat into the car, checks on Batcow in the trailer, gets in the driver's seat, and says, "Time to hit the road and make new memories.

Bits and Pieces

I really like Brad Walker's art and I'm going to miss it in this book. While most of this issue is really just Batman giving a beatdown to Hush, it takes much longer to read than you would expect with what you get out of it. I was hoping that some mending would begin to take here between father and son, yet unfortunately, that is for another day. But that ending? Awesome. I mean, get the pets into anything and I'm happy.


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