Monday, January 18, 2021

DCeased: Dead Planet #7 Review


Dead Alive

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Trevor Hairsine
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 20, 2021

I am a huge Tom Taylor fan, and while I'm kind of burnt out with the whole "zombie thing", I have been enjoying DCeased: Dead Planet.  So, what did I think of the finale?  Let's find out...

Dead Planet had been all about getting a plan together to cure the world of the anti-life virus and stop it from being destroyed by some real big bads.  An Amazo Army is bad enough, but Trigon has shown up with a few days to kill, and who is going to be able to stop that?  Constantine, of course!  We've spent almost the entire series watching John put together his big plan to save the day, and we finally get to see it all unfold.

I am not going to lie, I thought that Constantine's plan would turn out to be a bit smarter by the end, but instead, it was all about sacrifice and the feels.  With all of his magic and trinkets, he still knew that he had to die if he would win, but what does dying do to a new Deadman?  You'll have to read the issue to find out, of course.

Besides Constantine, we get a good Batman and Superman team-up as the World's Finest head down under to take care of the Penguin on a quest to stop the Amazo Army.  Things don't go as planned, but a Zatanna tells us, our heroes always get the job done.

That's my biggest problem with this finale.  The planning and setup felt pushed aside a bit to give us the heroes winning because that's what they always do.  Hey, I like my favorite characters getting the job done, but the issue lacked tension and any sense of urgency because it was obvious very early that we were going to get a happy ending.  Still, there were some emotional moments along the way and maybe even something getting in my eye by the end.

That's pretty much the best way for me to sum up Dead Planet as a whole - an emotional ride that made me smile by the end.  I'll take that as a win, but Tom Taylor usually wins in a blowout, but this one was a bit of a squeaker.

Bits and Pieces:

Dead Planet's ending was more emotionally satisfying than anything else.  Some of the setup was a tad unnecessary, but it's nice to get a win for the heroes (and anti-heroes) now and again.  The art was good, and I can recommend this series to anyone who has liked DCeased up to this point.


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