Monday, January 18, 2021

Weird Science DC Comics Ep 335: DC Comics, Future State Week Two, Batman, Justice League, Spilt Coffee & Backups


DC Comics Future State continues in a week dominated by really good backup stories! Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman #1 & Future State: Teen Titans #1 were Patreon Spotlight books, and If you would like to help out the podcast and get a ton of exclusive shows in return, head over to our Patreon  (, and If you can, please leave us a review on iTunesWe would love to hear from you!  Send us your thoughts, dreams, hopes, corrections...anything to Also, Check out our Youtube Channel - Weird Science Comics

  • Intro (0:00), Future State: Dark Detective #1 (13:18), Future State: Justice League #1 (51:02), Future State: Green Lantern #1 (1:29:01), Future State: Robin Eternal #1 ( 1:56:27),  Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1 (2:10:29)

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