Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Future State: The Flash #2 Review

That's A Nope On Hope

Written By: Brandon Vietti
Art By: Brandon Peterson, Will Conrad, Mike Atiyeh, Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 2, 2021

Let's head on back to the year 2027, where the Flash Family has been decimated by the Four Horseman, Famine, who's taken over Wally West's body and has been murdering villains and heroes alike across the world and who in the last issue of Future State: The Flash, kill Jay Garrick. That's right, Wallace West, Kid-Flash was killed before our story even started, Impulse was murdered during our heroes' quest to find intel on how to stop Wally, and finally, the original Flash's life was lost in the pursuit of finding a way to free Wally West from his possession. Is all hope lost? Let's jump into this issue and see Barry Allen's last-ditch effort to stop Wally's murder spree and maybe.... just maybe, save him as well. Let's check it out.

For our final look at The Flash of the future, we see Barry Allen gearing up with all the weapons of his rogues' gallery, reengineered to specifically take out the former Kid-Flash with the idea that he is indeed possessed by a supernatural being calling itself Famine. That puts on the path to badassery, as we see a powerless Barry Allen all geared up for battle, take on Wally West in a most excellent way. Yeah, it's still disappointing that we're dealing with a dark and dismal future for our favorite speedsters, but if you can look past that and just want a bleak, yet really cool story then this is for you because with that mindset I had a really fun time with this well-crafted story.  

Not only does this story work well in telling it in two-parts, with maybe the exception that I don't quite agree with Barry's attitude towards the two months that we separate the last issue into this one for his own time, where Max Mercury dies of some mysterious disease, while Iris just goes missing and he just goes on with what he was doing, but from where we left off previously, with the events that take place here with battle Wally West, this book works really well and leads directly into what we're dealing with in the Future State: Teen Titans book and I just love that we have that kind of progression throughout the books that aren't just dealing with the Magistrate of Gotham. 

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All in all, the art in this book, while different than the first issue, is something that I really enjoyed and I feel that it looks so good that it blends well with the look of what we got previously so when you read these books back to back, they won't feel disjointed. As for the story... Yeah, it's bleak as hell and if you're a Flash fan, you may be disappointed in the future that they're in, but if you can take a step back and just look at the way the story is told and that it's the first part of a larger future story...... Yeah, it still sucks that the Flash Family has to deal with this, but it's still a cool story that I enjoyed and hope that the conclusion to the Future State: Teen Titans can live up to what this did in dealing with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  

Bits and Pieces:

Oh boy, did people not like the future of the Flash Family after what we got from the first issue of this series and if you were in that camp before, you definitely won't switch sides after this issue. That being said, I think that as bleak as this is, it's an interesting story that's told great and looks great on top of that. Not to mention that I love that this is the first part of a larger Future State story that continues on..... Dark, depressing... Yeah, but it's also action-packed and for the most part, has the voices and the feel of the characters down.


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