Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Future State: Superman of Metropolis #2 Review

Anyone Have A Bottle Opener?

Written By: Sean Lewis, Brandon Easton
Art By: John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb, Dave Sharpe, Valentine de Landro, Marissa Louise, Cully Hamner, Laura Martin, Andworld Design 
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: February 2, 2021

It's time to jump back into the year 2030 and not only see how Jon Kent is going to make things right since the last issue he not only shrunk down Metropolis into a bottled city, but let the villain Brain Cells fly off with it, but also see how Shilo Norman and Guardian do their separate hero-ing in the bottled city. Let's jump into this issue and hope that the main story and both the backups are pretty good because when you have a book with this many stories, it's hard to get a pretty solid issue. Let's check it out.

Superman of Metropolis Jon Kent needs to get his city back...... you know, since that's what he's Superman of and to do that he's going to need to match wits with Brain Cells and match power with faceless clones of his father from different eras of his life and while I enjoy this story a lot more this issue than previous with how it portrays Jon Kent, it's the art which while through the majority of our Superman story looks great, but...... whenever an important action is taking place I feel that I lose what's going on and have no real idea what Jon Kent is doing to Brain Cell throughout this issue. That being said though, this is better than what we got in issue #1 I just wish I could fully understand the fight scenes

As for the Shilo Norman story....... It's just more of the same from the last issue with Mister Miracle trying to investigate the dome around Metropolis while he's being attacked by battle drones who may or may not be from Brain Cells but ultimately this isn't as interesting as I thought it would be from the last issue and ultimately doesn't really match with where we see Mister Miracle or the circumstances surrounding him in Superman: Worlds of War. Getting to the final story featuring Guardian..... it's pretty boring overall and the big takeaway is that Guardian is a real hero for Metropolis because he brought the people together against a lame-ass villain...... Even though the ending to this doesn't match up with Jon's story at the beginning of the issue.........Man, I wanted so much more out of all of these stories.

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All in all, the art was pretty decent throughout but the Superman story is where it really shines, even if I couldn't understand some of the actions going on during that chapter...... so take that for what you will, but the backups in my mind were petty lame and useless all around and did absolutely nothing for me. Thankfully, I got on board with Jon and Kara this issue and thought that they weren't complete lost causes in the year 2030 so that was a great turn and takeaway in my mind from where we started in the first issue, I just wish that it would have been executed a bit better all around and that the backups just didn't bog this issue down... or served more of a purpose that someone would care about.

Bits and Pieces:

While I was happy that I enjoyed the Superman, Jon Kent story more this issue than I did the last, the backups continued to be weak all around and didn't match up to the things they were supposed to.... which is pretty lame. The art was a mixed bag for me and did take away some of my enjoyment of the Superman of Metropolis story, but that was still the highlight of this book to me, which is pretty damning because this is one of the weakest titles coming out of Future State.


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