Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Catwoman #30 Review


Deeper Throat

Writer: Ram V
Artist: Fernando Blanco
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 20, 2021

I am a Catwoman fan, and while she is undoubtedly getting more focus nowadays, some of it is a bit iffy.  That's not the case with Ram V's main title, thankfully, since he writes a more realistic, and in my opinion, better Selina Kyle.  I don't need to see her kicking the crap out of three Flashes or sword fighting Talia al-Ghul when I can see her protecting the Strays of Alleytown while toeing that anti-hero line.  My only complaint coming back to the books after Future State was that there might be a little too much going on.  That's not all that bad a problem and can easily be solved with a bit of focus going forward.  Do we get that starting with this issue, and is it better because of it?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Selina checking in on her new stray, the Riddler.  After being shot by Father Valley the last issue, he seems a bit better, and I appreciated the discussion of his drug abuse because he was acting crazy.  It ties into Poison Ivy, and while it's still unclear what is going on in the big picture sense, at least we push things forward.

We do take a detour to deal with Father Valley and his contract with the Penguin.  I am not a Father Valley fan at all, by the way, and after this scene, I have no idea how this guy gets any work.  He looks like he just got off tour with Nine Inch Nails, quotes scripture to be cool or mysterious (spoiler, it isn't working on either front), doesn't do the actual job until he feels like it, and claims that the contract isn't as important as the one he has with God.  Seriously? If I were Oswald, I'd ask him if God is paying his expenses!  Also, he takes out all of the Penguin's men!  Who recommended this asshole?!?  The only thing I can see happening is that Oswald will keep mum afterward, so someone else gets screwed as much as him!

The big thing going on, though, is that the people who had Ivy are on the move, and after verifying they didn't cook her, they find out where she is.  I don't know why Ram V went all Deep Throat because it felt forced, but I guess he wanted to get things going quicker, which I can appreciate.  Still, I think Selina, with her smarts and connections, would have been familiar with the man responsible.  The issue ends with a party-crashing Selina eyeing up her next score and looking damn good doing it.

I wanted some more focus on the varying plates being spun around by Ram V, and we got it.  Some of it felt a little forced, but I think the book is better for it.  Fernando Blanco's art continues to be good and fits the dark and gritty nature of the story.  Besides Father Valley, I like everything we got this issue, including a couple of reminders that Selina is on her own and won't get any help from Batman whether she wants it or not.

Bits and Pieces:

Ram V continues writing a street-level Catwoman, and he doesn't rely on silly tricks or swerves to make her great.  She is at her best hovering between good and bad, and Ram V lets her hang out in that grey area with style.  Recommended.


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