Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Action Comics #1031 Review

Chained To A Concept

Written By: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad
Art By: Daniel Sampere, Adriano Lucas, Dave Sharpe, Michael Avon Oeming, Taki Soma
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: May 25, 2021

When we last left our Man of Steel, it looked like a bunch of Kryptonian refugees made their way to Earth, but can they be trusted when the ships seemed to originate from Warworld... and we also saw that there was a mysterious character at the beginning of the last book that seemed to suggest that Mongul needs Superman to fully activate Warworld. Let's jump into this issue and see what our hero finds out about Earth's new visitors and if it's all some plot by Mongul to take our hero down. Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

For this issue of Action Comics, we have a strange set of circumstances where Superman takes in the refugees that have come to the planet while fighting off the Warzoon spacecraft that followed them and that's all fine and good but since we can't understand the refugees and for some reason, other refugees were held by the Atlanteans, who still see Aquaman as their leader in this book, we just have Superman pondering whether or not these people are actually Kryptonian based on a prayer that he heard them say...... Even though Supergirl figures this out based on a couple of tests where it becomes a non-issue for them and where Superboy (Jon Kent) simply believes that his father is being duped by Mongul.  

There's an interesting story here, where Mongul is duping our Man of Steel, but the majority of the issue feels like padding and the concept of this story arc feels a lot like what we're currently dealing with in Superman, where some old big bad of Superman is luring our hero into a trap, but even with that these refugees being forced to be pawns of Mongul against their will is something that feels important, I just wish that the majority of the issue felt as big as the concept. Sadly, that sentiment isn't shared for the Midnighter backup that's just chugging along to get us to the Future State backups, wherein this issue we talk about time travel, show Midnighter and Apollo's relationship straining and that our big bad Andrej Trojan has a guest star captured.

All in all, Action Comics is probably better in the story department than its Superman counterpart, but since they're both using the same concept the big difference is you get more Superman characters to enjoy here....... and this version of the villain duping our hero feels more important.... probably because of the Future State connection, but ultimately, this story feels padded and the backup continues to be convoluted and something that's not very interesting to me overall, especially since it was one of the things that I really didn't like in Future State only continuing here. I love the art in the Superman parts of this book, but like the Midnighter story, the Midnighter art is something that I don't care for and I just wish that DC would drop the backups and in turn, drop the prices of a bunch of books because these backups really aren't worth the extra buck.  

Bits and Pieces:

The concept of our Superman section of Action Comics feels very familiar to the concept that the Superman title is doing right now, but thankfully it feels like this title is doing it better. I just wish that this book felt like it had more substance and was dropping its backup, because while I love the art and the concept of the Superman parts of this book, the backup isn't bringing me anything


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