Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom #1 Review


Writer: Brandon M. Easton
Artist: Fico Ossio
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 25, 2021

I was skeptical about this book when DC announced it.  An ongoing series with Shilo Norman Mister Miracle doesn't seem like a massive seller to me, but I am a dummy, so what do I know.  Maybe if I'd enjoyed the Future State Backups more, I'd be a bit more optimistic, but those were a total mess.  That's just my opinion, of course, but that's what this is all bout.  So, did this first issue change my mind at all?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Shilo doing a pay-per-view escape show that is over-the-top and crazy but also a little silly if we are supposed to believe he won't escape from it.  It does a decent job of showing readers what this Shilo Norman is all about, but that's one of my biggest problems with this first issue... I don't find Shilo likable at all.  Now, Shilo is not a new character, but I am guessing that most people jumping onto this book will either think he is or know so little about him that he might as well be, so I don't get the play here.  I am not trying to diminish anything about him, but he feels like a jerk in too many scenes for me to like him. Again, this may be 100% on purpose, but that's playing the Devil's Hand with a lower list character without a big fanbase.

It's not all bad, though, and one of the big moments of this first issue is the question of whether Shilo wears a mask to keep his identity or his skin color a secret.  While some of the moments in the book felt a little forced, this one did not.  Shilo himself seems to be struggling with revealing himself as a black superhero for multiple reasons, including selfish ones, making it feel genuine.  Now, I wish there was mention of some of the other heroes of color in the DCU, but I hope they will be guest stars in future issues.

In the end, this was an ok start.  I didn't feel a great attachment to Shilo, but I am intrigued to see him work through his problems.  Brandon Easton needs to give more background information on Shilo quickly, and I hope he makes his lead character more likable.  Besides that, the issue ends with a cool cliffhanger that will make me show up next month.

Bits and Pieces:

Brandon Easton kicks off his Mister Miracle series with an issue that didn't give me much of a connection to his lead character but made me want to see more of his plight and fight.  Those unfamiliar with Shilo Norman may wonder what's going on, but the issue looks great and has a very intriguing cliffhanger.  I am not sold on this book just yet, but Easton at least has me interested.


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