Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Justice League #64 Review

Whatever Happened To The World's Greatest Super-Heroes?

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V
Art By: Steve Pugh, Nick Filardi, Josh Reed, Sumit Kumar, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 6, 2021

Alright, it's time for another issue of Bendis doing Bendis as we see how far the Justice League can fall in doing nothing but pushing Bendis' previous stories from Naomi, Superman, and Event Leviathan. The last arc really didn't do anything in exploring Naomi but by the end of it, she was now officially on the Justice League, which feels weird as hell so let's continue this trend of nonsense and weirdness as we continue to look at the United Federation of Planets, Synmar Utopica, Naomi and Checkmate. Let's check it out.

So with this issue of Justice League, we're picking up where Bendis left off with Superman #28, where his Synmar Utopica story just ended out of nowhere when the United Federation of Planets' Honor Guard showed up and took Synmar Utopica into custody and now we're seeing the trial of that character....... until he escapes and makes his way right to Earth to pick up his fight with Superman. In the meantime, we have Naomi sparring with Aquaman at the Hall of Justice, where every character has no real personality and no one really feels like themselves. On top of that, Green Arrow and Black Canary are in Coast City for some reason where they're confronted by Checkmate nonsense with Daemon Rose. It's all rather lackluster and uneventful and I'm so disappointed that the Justice League feels like they've taken a backseat to Bendis' stuff.

As for the Justice League Dark backup..... Well, things felt weird here too as we spent the majority of this chapter dealing with Batman while getting only small glimpses of our actual JLD team, and even when we do see them their voices felt weird like Kirk Langstrom calling the rest of the team his old friends, Rory Regan referring to the Suit of Souls as only the "Ragman suit" and ultimately we didn't do much this issue.

All in all, both stories this issue have great art throughout, but like the last issue, the stories themselves are seriously lacking in not only decent progression but in making the characters seem like themselves. Sadly, I'm used to Bendis doing this but when you get it from the JLD backup that just ruins everything for me because at this point, I'm only into this book for the JLD stuff and I'm not getting much of anything out of either of these stories at the moment. Bendis throwing all his Bendis stuff into the Justice League book is just ridiculous to me because I don't know who's into his stories anymore and it just feels like he's going out of his way to bury the League while elevating his own stuff and that's it. As for the JLD backup, I'd love to see our JLD team actually doing something but when Batman takes up the majority of the story I start to see people's complaints in DC Comics just throwing Batman out there to hopefully make something sell but it lessens everything else involved when this happens.

Bits and Pieces:

Both the Justice League and Justice League Dark stories this issue were seriously lacking in my opinion, where Bendis is purposely just elevating his own ideas to the detriment of the League, while Batman took the spotlight during the JLD story, giving our actual team barely any panel play. Thankfully the art was decent throughout the book but I seriously need more out of both the main story and backup to this book because it's Justice League and it deserves better than what we're getting.


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