Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Action Comics #1037 Review

War Of The Warworlds

Written By: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Shawn Aldridge
Art By: Miguel Mendonca, Adriano Lucas, Dave Sharpe, Adriana Melo, Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: November 30, 2021

Let's head on back to Warworld and witness the assault that our Superman and the Authority team and leading and hopefully see our heroes come out on top against Mongul and his Lieutenants so that they can free all who are enslaved on the blood riddled world. Previously, we saw our team have a major setback in Superman being revealed to be weakened, and on top of that, Mongul was sporting himself a Kryptonite spear. Yeah, all of this seems pretty dire so let's jump into this issue and see if good can triumph evil. Let's check it out.

For this issue we see an all-out battle between our heroes and their targets but it seems like The Authority and even Superman for that matter have bitten off more than they can chew and while I like a lot of what goes on here, the way that things are presented in people standing around and waiting to fight at times comes off kind of annoying but this "battle" issue comes off pretty badass, not to mention the subplot of the United Federation of Planets and what they'll do during this fight, and after this fight is intriguing..... I just wish they didn't mention sending Daxamites because that feels like a weird play. While I've been wary about this interpretation of Mongul, this issue does feel like it's elevating the character and I can only hope that it continues going forward.

As for our backup...... Well, I was seriously done with the Tales of Metropolis that we were getting and thankfully we get a Martian Manhunter one this time around. In this Martian tale, we really get to look at Martian Manhunter in a solo sense in what he's thinking and where he's living and this backup also harkens back to J'onn's adventures in House of Mystery..... I just wish that the villain who shows up at the end wasn't previously used in the current Black Manta mini but maybe by the end of that this will all make sense..... or it really doesn't matter and is just a cool inclusion. 

All in all, the art in both the main story and the backup are great and I found myself really excited for this Warworld story for the first time here and while there isn't much to our heroes in this beyond a battle, it's a battle with stakes and you're genuinely left worried about the future of the Authority and Superman. I hope that this title can continue with the momentum that it has because while some of the storytelling doesn't feel like it fits with what came before it, the elevation of Mongul might be something that this title needs, not to mention that the Martian Manhunter backup was compelling and just fun to read. For the first time in a long time, I can't wait until the next issue of Action Comics comes out.

Bits and Pieces:

The stakes have raised this issue with the battle between Superman and the Authority against Mongul and his Lieutenants, not to mention a fun backup featuring everybody's favorite Martian. The art is great throughout and I find myself excited to read the next issue...... and a little worried. This is what I totally needed though to get me back on the Action Comics trolley.


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