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Catwoman #38 Review

Catwoman #38 Review

Catwoman #38 Review


Writer: Ram V
Artist: Caspar Wijngaard
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 21, 2021

Catwoman #38 is the final issue of Ram V's time writing Catwoman, and while it hasn't been the longest run, these bunch of issues and the ones he filled in for Joelle Jones had more good than bad in them.  Looking back, though, I remember characters and moments more than actual stories.  The whole thing had a bit of a herky-jerky feel, and I'm not sure I will ever return to it, but again, I didn't hate it.  That may not sound like glowing praise, but I am not here to fake the funk. So let's get to the Catwoman #38 review...

Ram V doesn't like to play things straight in this book.  He loves his cat and mouse games and probably can't even go food shopping without a little Ocean's Eleven drama.  So, instead of just putting the toys back in the toybox in a straightforward way, he makes his final issue a caper.  While it doesn't work out ultimately, I give him props, like Sinatra, for doing it his way.

Catwoman #38 Review

The issue involves her being questioned by some familair police officers for just about everything—the Strays, Fear State, Riddler, Hadley, the Second Chance Gang, even the Wight Witch.  Like I said...everything!  It's a fitting way to get a little recap while also sending characters on their merry way, but a lot of it just breakdown or swerves mid-conversation. For example, the police ask Selina about working with Riddler, and she goes off on a tangent about the Strays instead of answering.  It happens many times, but at least Ram V is giving readers some needed information.

If you read the entire run, this issue will let you say goodbye to almost all the characters (even Hadley - RIP) with hints of some returning later.  The best part for me was seeing Cheshire and Shoes meet and talk.  If you know the characters, you'll know why this is huge!

Catwoman #38 Review

By the end of the issue, though, Ram V dips back into the well he just used weeks ago to make everything fit.  I didn't see it coming, but that's because I didn't think he would go there again.  It didn't ruin the issue for me, but it did lower my score a bit.

Ram V's Catwoman run ends here, and while it was a bit of a missed opportunity overall, I did enjoy parts of it and liked this finale enough.  Caspar Wijngaard's art had a noir feel that fit the narrative, and Ram V continued doing what he had done best, making Selina the smartest person in any and every room.  Let's hope Tini Howard keeps that one thing going in her upcoming run.

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Bits and Pieces:

Catwoman #38 is Ram V's finale on Catwoman, and while a lot of what comes up here reminds me of missed opportunities, he stays true to his run.  If you've been reading the book up until now, there is no reason to stop now.  Sure, there is an eye-rolling twist, but the art and Selina's smarts save the day.


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