Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Robin #11 Review

Shadows And Dusk

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Gleb Melnikov, Luis Guerrero, Troy Peteri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 22, 2022

The Lazarus Island Tournament is over and now we're on our way to the Shadow War, but we're not quite there yet. In the previous issue, we saw Damian's grandmother, Mother Soul play some mind games with him to try and get the youth on her side by showing her the history of the Al Ghuls, even if it kind of changed what we've had for decades. Damian stood firm with his convictions and with the help of his friends was able to overcome Mother Soul, now let's see what happens now that Ra's Al Ghul and Talia Al Ghul have come to the island to stop Mother Soul themselves. Let's check it out.

While we're still waiting for the Shadow War to start, this issue might at first make a few people disappointed because now that Ra's and Talia are on the island, they want to go after Master Dusk, the head of the League of Shadows that was on the island and conspiring with Mother Soul and was the man who's been training Connor Hawke to win the tournament and because of this need to apprehend Master Dusk, this issue mostly becomes about Damian and his new friends, Flatline, Connor Hawke, Ravager, and Respawn going to the neighboring island of Corto Maltese to hunt the man down.

Now while I can't say that the actual hunt for Master Dusk is anything all that interesting, or even the continued talk to Mother Soul about what her plans previously were back on Lazarus Island with her son and granddaughter, the elements of this book that shine through are the friendship parts between Damian and his new allies, not to mention the furthering of a romance between Robin and Flatline. All this is great, not to mention the beginning of a reveal about who Respawn is that seems to shock Ravager to her core and possibly sends her off on her very own adventure.  

All in all, there's a lot to love about this issue, but the main plot of hunting down Master Dusk is not one of them. Thankfully, all the character moments shine bright throughout the book and just made this a joy to read. Something else that doesn't hurt the enjoyment of this issue is that everything looks great and Ra's Al Ghul might be a contestant for hottest Grandpa. Really though, we further the relationships with the characters, while setting something interesting up with Ravager and Respawn that we can deal with at some point after the Shadow War and I can't wait to get to either.

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Bits and Pieces:

I love the characters in this book and the art was stellar throughout. Yeah, the main mission of the story feels a little lackluster but the characters elevate the hell out of this book and Joshua Williamson is writing the hell out of them and the art remains strong throughout. Definitely one of the best books that DC Comics is putting out.


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